To know the taste of freedom

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“Your tomorrows go on giving you promises,” states Osho.


All goals are bound to be in the future, and all desires for fulfillment in the future are nothing but a cover-up of your misery in the present. Your tomorrows go on giving you promises – it is only one day, it will pass; tomorrow I will be free.

But tomorrow never comes, has never come. You will never be free. The tomorrow is only a consolation. Instead of bringing freedom to you, it is going to bring death to you. And all the days that you lived, you lived as a slave, because you never bothered about the present.

I say unto you that the present is the only reality there is. The future is your imagination, and the past is your memory. They don’t exist. What exists is the present moment.

To be fully alert in the present, to gather your consciousness from past and future and concentrate in the present, is to know the taste of freedom.

Osho, The Prophet, Ch 24 (excerpt)

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