The Pieces of My Heart


A song by Deva (David Goldberg) – video.

Some relationships seem like you will never get over them and they change your life forever. This breakup did. I hope I am a better man for it.

The Pieces of My Heart

So here we are, it’s time to go
I guess we’ve said it all before
It’s way too late, for a brand new start
Brush your lips, across my cheek
You don’t even, have to speak
But don’t forget, the pieces of my heart

Take the car and all your things
And don’t forget, your angel’s wings
You’ll probably need them, if you’re traveling far
I know you’ve got, a lot to do
I didn’t mean, to bother you
But don’t forget the pieces of my heart

The pieces of my heart
Carry them gently in your hands
Don’t let them slip away
Like our long, forgotten plans

And now I guess, it’s time to go
Just one thing, I hope you know
You’ll always have, the pieces of my heart

Keep them safe, and guard them well
If people ask you, never tell
I hope you’ll try, to do your part
Then I will know, where to begin
In case I ever, love again
I can find, the pieces of my heart

You’ll always have the pieces of my heart

Copyright © 2004 David Goldberg


Deva (David Goldberg) is a musician, writer, website developer, graphic designer and photographer, based in Santa Fe.

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