Can you send me your bio?


Charya’s not-so-short answer to Punya’s request for a one-liner.


Oh, my Osho!
You really want my bio?
But that would be a 50kg book…
OK. I will try my best.

First: I found out there was never a bio before Osho nor after Osho. All there ever is and was… is Osho. He represents to me all there is. Osho is the first human being in whom I could see God, the Beyond. It was so obvious. His radiance. His presence. His bliss. His consciousness. His awareness. Although until that day I had never had, knowingly, any experience with or knowledge about meditation, enlightenment or the paths leading there.

When for the very first time I saw Osho as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in the documentary, Ashram in Poona, I felt my whole body dissolve into millions of light particles. That was for me a clear sign to go to that place as soon as possible.

A few months passed. The first day in Pune I was not allowed to enter Buddha Hall because my dress smelt like Persil washing powder. So I waited outside while Osho arrived. I could actually feel him coming… a huge presence entering my energy body, my being. Tears started running. It felt something like a heartbreak.

Many years later, while studying about various paths and religions I read, “If you want to meet God he will first need to break your heart.”

At that time I couldn´t understand much of Osho’s discourses. I only felt this aching heart and only wanted to escape the pain. I found all kinds of rational excuses and escaped to Goa, and later to Mahabalipuram – while going on reading Osho’s books.

In October 1981, I finally took sannyas in Munich and ate my last hot sausage before I received the name, Ma Veet Charya – Transcendence Character. There was no further explanation on the sannyas certificate, as I had seen on friends’ letters. So the name remained a riddle. I didn’t know anything about transcendence nor about character

In the beginning I thought: Character? What does this mean? I always thought I did not have a specific character. I was becoming one thing and then losing that again, always changing. But maybe some day I would understand?

Today, 40 years later, I know much more about character. After meditating on the five Dhyani Buddhas, later on the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah, and during the last few years on Hindu Gods and Goddesses, I feel: These divine characters, absorbed in meditation, are like mandalas, very accurate. And although they change like a kaleidoscope they are always perfect, in total harmony. They are not mere conditionings of a human mind but divine structures, fully alive, extremely subtle, nourishing and timeless. They don’t teach behaviour but simply transform our understanding of who we can be by our simply observing them.

OK. Let’s go on with Osho and his miraculous influence on my life. In March 1982 I participated in a three-week group in Brussels with Sudha, Tarika, the Veeresh Team and more wonderful people. After some days I went through a deep trauma of not knowing who I was supposed to be while all these beautiful therapists seemed to me like Gods and Goddesses on Earth. They radiated such light, such a presence. I simply felt like shit compared to them.

During a Mandala Meditation in Veeresh´s Marathon, running in front of Osho´s picture, I cried out inwardly for help and relief from this not-knowing-who-I-am. After this outcry, strange things started happening. I suddenly felt high and weightless and at the same time a huge energy rose up inside my body, passed through what I now know was the third eye, while shortly showing a white light, and left the body through my skull. An explosion! Bang! This was my Big Bang. This enormous energy outside my body now turned into a consciousness, endlessly expanding while my body was lying like dead on the floor. It was as if all I knew or was meant to know had gone. No clinging to anyone or anything. It was all gone. (And still now it is gone although, of course, life is going on. And the bliss of enjoying it…)

The therapists and group participants were in despair, not knowing what to do with this strange situation. At the same time a storm burst out in the house. All the light bulbs turned black, the fuse had tripped and after that huge power had thrown this almost-dead body on the ground, there was suddenly only this silence… absolute silence.

A friend I had made during the group finally came over to my body, lovingly touched my hand and asked me if everything was OK. From that moment onward it felt as if this further-and-further expanding consciousness stopped and turned back towards my body – as a huge cloud of pure love.

Afterwards I could get up but my face ran with tears for three days. And I’ve been mostly silent ever since then. One exception: if someone asks me about my explorations, experiences and miracles with Osho I can´t stop talking, singing and praising this wonderful leela with Osho.

This to me is Osho! This limitless consciousness! This pure divine love! This ever-present life energy! This never-ending bliss! This ecstasy without any reason! This silence! This awareness! This celebration of life!

This is all there is. This we all are, Punya, isn´t it wonderful?

What to say about a bio? You see, I am totally helpless and without words. Love to youhou!


Veet Charya – “an example of the innumerable pieces of art by Osho.”

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