(3 March 1957 – 9 September 2021)

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His friend, Sw Prem Prageet, writes:

Chandradeva was born in Woolwich, a part of London, and grew up known as Marshall Ambrose Crowley, in Hampshire, England.

He took sannyas in Wales sometime around 1983.

He leaves behind a son, Jan, and a grandson, Jimmy.

He died due to complications with his heart caused by Covid, whilst in an Intensive Care Unit in Winchester hospital. (He had decided not to get vaccinated.)

His celebration will take place on the deck of his little House on Wheels on Sunday evening, 19 September, at 7.00 pm. There will be a Zoom transmission from 7.00 UK time till 8.00 (-ish ): – Meeting ID: 966 7553 1107 – Passcode: 085839

He asked that his celebration be a couple of minutes of “making a big racket“, i.e. a lot of noise, around twenty minutes of silence, some time for sharing (he said that he wasn’t yet ready for sainthood, so people can feel free to share what a plonker he could be, as well as how fantastic… (my interpretation…).

Finally he wanted to be danced out. So, after the sharing, from about 8.00 pm (-ish), “dance yer socks off!”

His cremation will be on Monday morning with close friends and family, between 9 and 10 am. His ashes will be scattered in various places that he loved around the planet.

The personal bit…

We are all unique, but some of us are exceptionally, totally, absolutely RIDICULOUSLY UNIQUE TO THE MAX!

His life was an example of Zorba the Buddha, livin’ it LARGE, on four continents (as far as I know, he was never in Africa or Antarctica…).

He was courageous, intense, funny, outrageous, generous, caring, annoying, loving, selfish, sensitive, strong, delicate, dependable, real, loud, quiet, silly, impetuous, non-serious, available, daft, curious, a brilliant gardener and grower of rare herbs. He played the flute, made a really good spaghetti bolognese and was very good at dahl too. ABOVE ALL: he was a seeker and Osho was his master and he loved life.

His last words to me, before he went into an induced coma and on to a respirator, were “All is well,” and said with authority and authenticity, that he owned his life and he owned his leaving… he did it his way…

He will be deeply, deeply missed. I am not the only person who has lost their BEST FRIEND.

In deep sadness, in quiet joy and somewhat overwhelmed…


Photos thanks to Prageet, Anugyan, Rupda, Sadhanali and friends on FB


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