(10 March 1940 – 1 October 2021)


Shunyo (Leena Gala) writes:

Ma Dulari – The serene soul never dies… I adored her smile, cherished her hugs and admired her heart. Ma Dulari has walked on the other side of the door through the narrow opening that we call death. An opening so fine that it does not even permit our own body to squeeze through. Leaving all the values, goodness behind.

Memories have begun to open their eyes like seeds… “Ke aaye beta” (how are you child) – yes, echo these words. It must have been around the 80’s. I was in the Pune ashram and whenever Dulari Ma came to the ashram from Mumbai, she greeted me with these words and that sweet smile which always stayed on the calm, peaceful face of hers.

We had met during a train journey from Mumbai to Pune while visiting the ashram. In those days many sannyasins travelled from Mumbai to Pune by Deccan Queen to attend the celebrations and Dulari Ma was amongst them.

She was my father’s friend – always with her ‘Dular’ (love, affection) and that lovely smile fascinated me.

The very little time we shared together was full of energy and warmth. As Osho had said, “And the miracle is, if you meditate and slowly, slowly get out of the ego and out of your personality and realize your real self, love will come on its own. You don’t have to do anything, it is a spontaneous flowering.”….and Ma Dulari was in fact all the blossoms and flowerings of love!

Everyone has their own way to go, with nothing to define ourselves except our own strength and will. Ma, your presence will always lighten our hearts… Shat Shat naman to the serene soul 🙏

An answer from Osho

The last question:


For ages, I have wanted to ask: please will you tell me, what should I ask? Accept my pranam, my bowing salutation.

Dulari has asked this question. It is absolutely true: I have known her for years, and she has never asked anything. Very few people have never asked. This is the first time, and still she doesn’t ask anything: “For ages I have wanted to ask: please will you tell me, what should I ask?” The real question of life is such that it cannot be asked. A question you can ask is not worth asking. What you cannot ask, that is worth asking. The real question of life cannot be put into words. Life questions can only be said with eyes thirsting for rain, eyes filled with longing to know. I know Dulari. She has never asked, but I have heard her question. And her question is not hers, because what you are able to ask is yours. What you are unable to ask is everyone’s. The same question is inside every one of us. And this question is: all this is happening, all is going on, but still nothing seems real. All this running around, this hubbub – but nothing makes any sense. So much is attained and lost – still nothing is attained, nothing is lost. This vast journey, birth after birth, where no destination is visible. We are – why? What is this being of ours? Where are we going, and what is going on? What is our purpose? What is the meaning of this music?

This existential question is inside everyone: What is the purpose of existence? And in words there is no answer. A question that cannot be asked in words, cannot have an answer in words. That which is inside us – call it the witness, observer, river of life, consciousness, call it whatever name you like. It is nameless, so give it any name you want – god, liberation, nirvana, being, nonbeing, whatever you like; fullness, emptiness, whatever; it is nameless within – submerge yourself in this. Just dropping into it, questions start gradually disappearing.

Osho, The Mahageeta, Vol 1, Ch 6, Q 4 (translation from Hindi)

Thanks to Chaitanya Keerti


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Dear Dulari,
We must have met maybe chopping vegetables in the kitchen? After that, each time I saw you in the ashram, I was welcomed by your beautiful open smile. I loved seeing you walk gracefully through the ashram. Thank you for your inviting smile – I wish you a good journey.

Ma Dulari,

It’s all about quality than quantity, all about how the way we lived life and not the years. Ma Badra just shared with me about how positively Dulari Ma lived, enjoyed each moment of her breath with her full capacity. Ma Dulari was detected with food pipe cancer. She lived with totality as Osho had once said, “I would like my sannyasins to live life in its totality, but with an absolute condition, categorical condition: and that condition is awareness, meditation.”

Ma Dulari entered the door of death with awareness and in a meditative way, as if Osho was calling her. On the morning of 29th September, Dulari Ma could feel the detachment from her body and could sense the presence of death, so called her loved ones who in a meditative surrounding helped her soul to say adieu and get merged with the eternal, remembering Osho saying, “Death is a constant reminder – ‘I can come any moment. Be prepared.’ And what is the preparation? The preparation is: live life so totally, so intensely, be so aflame with it that when death comes there is no complaint, there is no grudge.”

.Naman to Ma Dulari, the meditative being who left behind the void 🙏

Antar Shunyo (Leena Gala)

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