– 2 October 2021


Ma Prem Suman took sannyas on 13 January 1976. She was a part of Geetam, the early Osho Center in Southern California, then journeyed with her son Ajita to the Ashram in Pune 1. On the Ranch she was our shopper and helped procure all the growth that was being done.

Her journey with Osho continued to this day and she was a regular and much-loved presence at Osho Leela Meditation Centre in Boulder, CO. She enjoyed going out to tea after Satsang with the new members of the community and was always generous in sharing stories about the early days.

Born 21 January 1941, she started out as a regular “housewife” in Malibu, CA – but with her curiosity and zest for life this container could not sustain her. She made her way to Osho and his commune and never looked back. She loved the commune and the friends and the freedom of life. She was always game for any celebration and she also worked hard but with that Zen ease that made her work her meditation. Even in these last months she continued to work with her beloved heart sister Parmita at White Swan records.

She left her body this morning, 2 October, quietly at 3 am MST. She had been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and sought treatment to try to extend her time here in this body. When these treatments ran their course she gracefully surrendered to letting go.

For the past few months she awed everyone with her presence, acceptance and grace as her body lost strength and fell away. To the end one never heard her question or complain once about this devastating disease that was overcoming her physical body and causing pain. She was always in the mode of celebration and gratitude for her life and all the loved ones who came to support her. Her son Ajita came and spent the last days with her. He decided that the community welcomed him with such love that he would stay and take over her home.

Yesterday, her last day, friends celebrated her life with music and songs from the early days and even though she was mostly going “in” she still sang some, especially when they sang “its high time to dance” – she smiled and sang that right back.

This morning they again gathered and sang her off with the Osho songs of celebration. Many friends were with her yesterday and today and this is a testament to Suman and how she moved in the world – her love was quiet and steady and this love was reciprocated by so many that were touched by her presence.

Many friends showed up and were there caring for her over the course of the last weeks and to her joy, her beloved son Ajita came from Hawaii and was able to spend these last weeks with her as her main caregiver. Parmita, Nirdosh, Kirtan, Neera and many others were a steady presence both for her and for Ajita as she worked her way through this transition.

If you have ever visited Osho Leela for a Satsang or other celebration you will remember Suman there – the “young” silver- (or rainbow colored) haired woman dressed in bright colors dancing like a child, with innocence and ease.

Tomorrow, October 3 at 10:00 am MST, friends at the Osho Leela Centre, Boulder, will honor Beloved Suman with a Satsang meditation and celebration dedicated to her presence. Link on zoom:

Text from a newsletter by Osho Leela Meditation Centre, Boulder, CO – – new edited version by Parmita posted 4.10.2021


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