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– 1 October 2021

Christ Krishna
Christ Krishna Munich 2011
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Christ Krishna took sannyas in 1974 (‘the meeting of the god of the West and the East’) and ran a very early meditation centre in Munich, Germany, called La Tierra first, and later Satdharma Meditation Centre. He was a catalyst for many to hear about Osho and do Dynamic and Kundalini Meditations.

He travelled overland to India with a caravan and once arrived in Pune he repaired many of the ashram’s vehicles. He studied De-Hypnotherapy with Santosh and from then on solved ‘all problems of life’ with his pendulum. He spent many months in Rajneeshpuram and years in Pune 2.

He also participated in the 2011 Munich Reunion organized by Mega.

Christ Krishna would spend the summers in Germany and the winters in Goa.

He was an inspired dowser and an ‘alchemical transmitter of homoeopathic drugs’. In mid-August he decided to stop his medication and to let his illness take its course.

With thanks to Mahendra

How I came to take sannyas

Excerpt from an article by Bhagawati, published in Viha Cinnection, March/April 2018 –

In 1972, while staying on Ibiza in the Mediterranean he met Krishnadas from Munich who spoke a lot about Bhagwan.

Christ Krishna said, “Staying briefly in Mumbai in December 1973, I enquired about Bhagwan at a taxi rank; although the taxi drivers had explained to me grandly that ‘Bhagwan is everywhere’, one of them did know where the Bhagwan lived who I had asked about, and drove me to Woodland.

“Entering the flat, I saw an Indian woman sitting on the right side of the room and I asked about my friend Krishnadas. It was Laxmi – who then said he was in Goa and asked me if I wanted to see Bhagwan, he was just behind the door over to the left.

“I looked towards the left and saw a large photo poster on the wall showing Bhagwan’s back and what frightened me about it were the faces of Indian people standing in front of him, with ecstatic and rapturous expressions! I gratefully refused but asked to be allowed to stay for a while, because the energy in the room had such an incredible soothing and beneficial effect.

“Later on, when I was on my way back along the beach from Woodland to the Taj Mahal Hotel, I was aware of a lightness inside me, it almost felt like levitating and the very special feeling was that I felt I was no longer alone. That was my first day in India.”

Continuing his travels to Kathmandu he kept feeling a continuous intensity, so much so that he wanted to return to India but the circumstances did not allow that; he eventually returned to Munich where he ran a tea shop called La Tierra. One day an Indian man appeared, dressed entirely in orange, who was called Bhaskar, and was Osho’s sannyasin. He introduced and conducted meditations at La Tierra, and made available taped discourses: “A completely new world opened up for me, so I set off again to India. It was 1974 and Osho was by then already in Pune; I immersed myself listening to the lectures about Jesus, laughing and crying.”

When he took sannyas that year, Osho said his name means ‘the meeting of the god of the West and the East’. At his leaving darshan that same year, Osho turned to Laxmi and asked her whether she had given Christ Krishna the name for a center. “Laxmi looked as surprised as I did and I said, ‘no problem, I can pick it up tomorrow.’ But Osho asked me about my place and was happy with the name La Tierra, and gave the name ‘tat’ for the two meditation rooms, explained om tat sat and the taoistic way the centre should be run in.”


Dear friends

I am very sorry to hear that – too early to leave the planet.
The man with the Afghan hound Leila, always friendly and ready for a joke.
Fly high, dear. May you be guided in the Bardo to a higher reincarnation.

Ma Prem Asti

I entered his home in the gardens of Out of Africa, Pune.
He was sitting there, quietly engrossed in his own universe.
I sat down and eventually he indicated that I sit up. His pendulum… his wand danced freely in front of me.
Ahhh yes… excellent. You are absolutely vertical today.
I felt very blissful. I had been up all day after doing morning dynamic meditation within the Osho Commune.
He had hundreds of bottles, vials of homeopathic bliss.
He chuckled to himself as he doused through the rows of medicine.
“Wow… positronium… very unique – it is for you.
“Oh… monoatomic gold. This comes for you.
“Remember, if you ever need it again you can get from spröten fish, from Europe.
“Yes, something with lungs, but now it’s clear. Something childhood… pneumonia as a child.”
“True, I had this a few times…”
“Yes, now it’s clear, good.”
He doused up and down my body for quite some time and then stopped and looked out the window.
It was a beautiful day here in paradise. The sun swam in through the openings gently caressing us both lightly through the trees and mosquito netting.
“Monsoon will come soon… and with it all will be fresh…”
“Can you feel its aliveness… Can you feel this garden’s aliveness… It breathes through us. Try to tune in. Nature is our real healer. Nature is our real light.”
I looked into him and smiled.
“Thank you, Krishna… Your sessions are intimate.”
We both looked at each other sweetly, and then he went on. Listing off all types of Latin formula, he went on healing and dousing through all my centres and body organs. Clearing and clearing…
“Your energy is quite good… but of course, you have worms… like all the travelers and foreigners in India… Take this three times a day for two weeks and then we will see…
“How is your connection with Osho. How deep did it go…”
“At first I did not see him or feel him… he was not a master for me. He was a master of words that I briefly avoided. But I did the meditations because I can tell that they are pure, that they have pure intention.
“I did all the meditations I could do, every day. It was my worship, my Sadhana.
“Later, I was engulfed by Sannyas. It took me. It took me like the wind. But not before erasing my mind. Brainwashing, totally washing out this polluted brain with all its ego and concepts.
“Now, it is surrendered in me, and I can go very deep with Osho, with this dance of life, with this hidden mystery that is no longer so hidden and that reveals itself more and more to me all the time.”
He looked into me and smiled.
“Yes, yes, this is how it goes… A light turns on in you and discovers the real… and then a celebration…
“You are clear today… now go dance. There is a celebration in Buddha Hall today.
“Ahhhh… one more thing: remember… you are God. Remember, we are all God.”
And with that, he said one last word.
I gently bowed down to his feet and left.
Samasati. The last word uttered by Buddha.
Remember… You are divine; you are God. You are the Buddha Nature.

God Dieux


….so sad, to hear that Sw. Christ Krishna left his body, because he was my first contact with Osho! In 1978 I was working in a Munich publishing house, whose Allianz Insurance Agent was Christ Krishna. At that time he had already gone off to India. One day my boss got a short handwritten letter from Christ Krishna, in which he wrote that he had driven his old VW-Bus, together with his beautiful Afghan dog, Leila, to Pune to meet Bhagwan, …der über alle alten Religionen und Traditionen hinweg geht wie über totes Laub,” (who walks across all old religions and traditions like walking over dead leaves…) I had no idea who Christ Krishna nor Bhagwan were, but these few lines immediately triggered something in me and it didn’t take long before I found myself in Pune – and took sannyas. Thank you so much, dear Christ Krishna for this “initial spark”…! Whenever, on rare occasion, I met him personally, I was always fascinated by his deep spirituality, his softness, his friendliness – and wisdom. Christ Krishna lived a true sannyas life… Good bye, my dear friend – it was an honor to know you and I will always remember you…!

Ma Prem Ashisha (Eva Leupold) 😉


Christ Krishna’s sannyas name always fascinated me. As if it was a joke and a knighting at the same time. Though radiating a kind, serene and solid energy, he was always ready to offer bubbles of tender laughs. It seemed wherever you went, he already was there. Many times our paths crossed through the years including working together in the commune and sharing flats. Having quite a few things in common we often spent hours hanging out together. Always there to help anyone with a homeopathic treatment, he had unceasingly clients in the East and West. One day he confided to me how successful his treatments were. “With the exception of my mother,” he said, “she‘s the one who doesn’t trust me.” His warm and gentle presence will surely be missed by many. Dear and precious one, have a wonderful joyous journey!

I started to meditate in Christ Krishna’s tea room “La Tierra” in the mid of the 1970s where I experienced for the first time the Dynamic and Kundalini Meditations in a little room insulated with upholstery for noise protection. It was not only a place for meditation, but also a place to eat delicious vegetarian food, enjoy a cup of tea and to meet all kinds of crazy and interesting people. Like Christ Krishna himself was. It was always a great joy to go there and to meet him later on at several occasions in various places in the world. Thank you Christ Krishna, farewell and fly high. As you did in your earthly life.

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