The Intangible Breath


A poem by Arjava Petter.

Crashing wave, photo by Petra Huber

Perhaps we both felt
The rise and fall
Of the intangible breath

Ebb and tide of the great
Waters that we all surf and swim in
To our best ability

When this tsunami
Hits the familiar coast
Don’t brace yourself don’t run for cover

Let it wash over you
And erase the landscape
Of heart and mind

Surrender to disillusionment
So that the clear blue light
Of presence may prevail

And turn this tidal wave
Into a blessing of Love
Kindness and Compassion

Come, my friend
This is the chance
We have been waiting for


Frank Arjava Petter is a Reiki Master and bestselling author.


Featured photo by Petra Huber –

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