Aum mantra and the Great Invocation in Milan


Alima writes from Milano, Italy – next appointment: Porta Venezia Gardens, Sunday, 24 October.

Aum in Milano, Italy, October 2021
Aum in Milano, Italy, 16 October 2021

In some cultures – that are thought as ‘primitive’ – photography is considered to be a way of ‘stealing the soul’. It sounds absurd but it’s actually true: photographs encompass the energy of what has been photographed.

Last Sunday, 17 October, I had posted on my Facebook profile a photograph I had taken the day before at a gathering of people chanting the Aum mantra together. This photograph has now been shared 3,467 times in just a five days and continues to be shared by the contacts of contacts of the person who posted it on their profile… I wondered why, as my Facebook sharing standards are usually much lower.

The answer came to me from quantum physics: sounds and vibrations create forms in matter and the intention contained in the sound that is produced creates the form contained in the intention itself.

The photograph I published captured a very special moment: a little over a hundred people had gathered to chant Aum with the intention of bringing light, love and peace to planet Earth and the whole humanity. It’s a group of people who follow a worldwide project, the OM Project that  was ‘launched’ in Italy by Marina Tonin via Telegram and is bringing together thousands of people moved by the intention of re-establishing the Divine Plan on Earth, the plan of Love Peace and Freedom that is mentioned in the Great Invocation, the ancient prayer that reunites the soul to higher realms.

There are many of us awakened from the sleep of deception and manipulation who are peacefully manifesting by reciting mantras and praying, moved by the desire for union, peace and brotherhood among all men on Earth; many souls united to free themselves from those who want us to be submissive and slaves to small egoic drives that create fear, submission, insecurity and slavery.

One of the next meetings in Milan to chant the Aum mantra and the Great Invocation will be held on Sunday, 24 October, at the Porta Venezia Gardens (Parco Indro Montanelli). We will meet at 10.20 am at the entrance to the gardens in Corso Venezia at the corner of Via Palestro – red MM stop Palestro – we will wear something white to recognise each other and something to sit on the grass. Other meetings will follow.

An embrace of light and many blessings to all.

Thank you!


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