Sushila Satyarthi


(4 September 1934 – 21 October 2021)


Ma Sushila Satyarthi was initiated by our beloved Master Osho in 1977 along with her husband, Swami Narendera Satyarthi (who left his body in 1984 in a deep meditative space). After the departure of Narendera, she kept running the Osho Jyotirmaya Meditation Center in Morena, M.P. All family members, three sons and four daughters, are also Osho sannyasins.

Sushila celebrated her 87th birthday just a month ago. She completed all her worldly duties and distributed everything to her siblings. She was ready to leave and kept listening to Osho and meditating singing alone in her room. Even after loosing her eyesight a year ago her spirits never diminished.

She gave a beautiful Farewell in the presence all the sannyasins, her sons and daughters and lovers of Osho. She always contributed whatever sums she could manage for the printing of Osho’s books.

We will all miss her shining presence… and guidance.

Ma Prem Kalpana


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