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A review by Subhuti: “An awesome Netflix movie: Don’t Look Up looks down on us.”

How do you tell the world the apocalypse has arrived? Well, actually, very simply and clearly, if you believe two of my favorite actors, Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo di Caprio, as they play a team of college astronomers who discover a huge comet that is hurtling directly towards Planet Earth.

They get their message across. The problem is, nobody is listening, including the President of the United States, played by another all-time favorite of mine, Meryl Streep.

“Don’t Look Up” is a wonderful, hilarious, yet scarily true-to-life satire on our modern mass media, our social networks and today’s politicians as they seek to downplay, deny or spin the doomsday scenario in which they find themselves.

It’s film-maker Adam Mackay’s angry allegory for the way we are ignoring the looming apocalypse of climate change, substituting a planet-killing comet for the inexorable and seemingly unstoppable rise in the Earth’s temperature.

Surrounded by all the feel-good, warm and cozy, family-friendly movies that Christmas demands, this is a stark reminder that, as an apparently intelligent species, we are losing it, big time, and posting smiling selfies of ourselves while we do it.

If you have never laughed while staring tragedy in the face, this is the moment. I don’t usually recommend movies. But this one got me. Check it out.


Oh, I forgot to mention a wonderful performance by Cate Blanchett, who plays a blonde, sexy, TV talk show hostess who just wants to keep everything light.

And another thing: One critic loved the film, calling it “the funniest movie of 2021 and the most depressing too.”

But several reviewers found it “too heavy handed.” Er, well guys, maybe a movie about the end of the world just has to be that way? You know?


Subhuti is a writer, author of many books, including the recent, Wild Wild Guru.

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