Marfa Lights II


The first track on Deuter’s newest album, Mysterium, (video).

My intention with my music is to create a bridge from sound to silence, and to bring something from the silence to the listener.
– Deuter

I live the way of Wu Wei, the art of doing without doing; whether I’m tending to my bees, playing one of my instruments, working in the garden or drinking a cup of tea.
– Deuter

For me all the instruments I’m using are basically like colors in a painting, so that it is like painting with sound.
– Deuter

Georg DeuterDeuter creates his music in his home studio hidden deep in the New Mexico forest outside of Santa Fe, which he shares with birds, deer, bears, roadrunners, snakes, and coyotes. His repertoire of over 60 albums has accumulated billions of lifetime streams across all major streaming services, continuing to reach tens of millions of listeners every year.

He continues to learn and master an ever-expanding array of instruments including piano, various keyboards, guitars, shakuhachi flute, cello, koto, sitar, tabla, Turkish saz, Persian tar, santoor, bouzouki, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, drums, ethnic percussion, and more.

Deuter has the unique ability to hear silent melodies and bring them into consciousness to create a space of silence and wellbeing, as far as the ear can listen.


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