Watch the play of the mind with detachment

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (149)

Osho 60s

God is testing you every moment.
Laugh and take the test –
it is beautiful that he considers you worth testing!
But don’t be in a hurry
for the more you hurry the more some goals recede,
and without doubt the temple of God is a goal like that.
He who travels with patience travels fastest on this journey.
The mind will roam again and again –
that is its way;
the day its roaming stops it will be dead.
Sometimes it sleeps –
do not mistake this for death.
Sometimes it gets tired –
don’t mistake this for death either.
Some rest and sleep and it is strong and alive again.
So stop bothering about it altogether
for even this worry gives it strength.
Surrender even this to God.
Say to him: Whatever it’s like, good or bad,
take care of it.
And then just be a witness,
simply watch the whole play.
Watch the play of the mind with detachment
and then suddenly –
there is the consciousness which is no-mind.

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