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Leela shares a few excerpts from her recently launched book, Osho’s Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy.

Rose by Amiten

I began to write this book shortly after moving to London in 2004. I had already been facilitating and training the Mystic Rose Meditation since 1988 when Osho first asked me to develop and create the group. During those years, I travelled all over the world offering this process to thousands of people. I still currently run the group but much less frequently.

The focus of this book is to leave a history of how the Mystic Rose came into being and was developed, as well as a guide to how it is best and most effectively conducted.

The power and importance of Osho’s Meditative Therapies prompted me to write it, but it is also a way to express my gratitude, my love and more importantly, to leave a record of a gift given by a Master, for all who wish to transform their lives, through his teaching of energy work at its most profound level.

The following are a few small extracts from the book.

The first week – Laughter

laughterLaughing for three hours a day for the first seven days gradually builds up a force, a tsunami of powerful, intelligent and rebellious energy. Laughter has within it the capacity to allow us to see life and ourselves from a different perspective.

It is no accident that so-called ‘important occasions’ in society require people to be very serious because any laughter would sabotage the desired effect and the intention to impress people. Laughter dissolves the seriousness that keeps us identified with the negative beliefs we have formed about ourselves. Sustained laughter, flowing through our bodies, begins to dislodge these energy blocks. It creates a vibration within us that starts to crack and shatter the dense areas.

During this first week, we may not be fully aware of what is going on within us while we’re engaged in the process, or what’s occurring at deeper levels. It’s not obvious to the conscious mind because there is no mental content in the structure. The transformational effects tend to become more apparent when we return to our ordinary lives.

So, the laughter progresses through the week, and the cumulative effect of the seven days allows us to go deeper and deeper into the energy that flows through us.

The more deeply we go into laughter, the closer we come to that part of the unconscious mind where much of our pain has been buried. Tears lie in these hidden layers. With laughter, we are knocking on the door, and as we progress towards the last days of the first week, participants begin to feel the pain and repressed sadness pushing their way up through our expanded energy field.

This is the whole point of the first week. Our laughter is not as repressed as our tears, so we can move into it more easily. It feels safer and less confronting than crying and weeping. And yet, just by laughing, we are preparing for this deeper level to arise within us. By the seventh day of laughter, the whole system is revitalised with the power of the energy moving through it, and we are ready for the next step.

The Second Week – Tears

cryingThe trust and bond built in the first week allow participants to feel comfortable to freely express their tears and cry amongst each other. Our bodies are already acclimatised to the new energy. As previously noted, many participants have been holding back their tears during the last days of laughter.

Tears are a deeper, inner phenomenon, so there is very little, if any, interaction during these sessions. We tend to keep our energy focused inwardly and some people cover themselves with sheets or sarongs. It’s a deeply personal experience, yet at the same time benefitting from group energy, which helps individuals stay awake and alert for three hours.

Sometimes people are drawn toward each other, but, as the facilitator makes it clear, this interaction should not take the form of comforting or pacifying, as this may result in drying up the tears. Interaction is okay as long as both participants are crying. As mentioned before, the facilitator may choose to hold and support someone who needs it, while moving through a particularly deep and powerful release.

It is important to realise that we cry for different reasons. Some tears arise from the inner child, the little person within us, whose many painful memories come back to us and open the floodgates of sadness. Many other unfinished issues can arise as memories may appear from various stages of life.

At times, our tears are not directly triggered by any particular memory. Thoughts may come and go but we are not intellectually seeking sad memories to make ourselves cry. We may simply be swept along by the collective energy of the group and the power of our let-go into crying. In other words, we don’t have to make ourselves feel sad through effort. In most cases, the body knows what is happening and is longing to release. So naturally, as the energy starts to flow of its own accord, the tears come and this in turn, affects our chemistry. Hormones are released into our bloodstream and begin to have a physiological effect on the brain and the body. The healing process deepens.

The third week – The Watcher on the Hill

silenceThe final week is the pinnacle of the experience. It reflects what Osho has done with all his active meditation methods: using physical activity and emotional catharsis to clear an inner space for silence. His original ‘Dynamic Meditation’ is also pure energy work but on a smaller scale. Dynamic Meditation gives a taste of how we can use energy to break through blocks, so that meditation can happen. Mystic Rose is a similar, more extended and more intense process. The silent sitting then takes us into our core, into the very essence of our being, where we can sit and simply be.

In the spaciousness of silent sitting, we realise there is another dimension to who we really are. Usually, we are identified with our daily lives and what is happening outside us in the world. After the cleansing and healing of the first two weeks, we are able to more easily experience the inner dimension: a silent presence, a relaxed and radiant being, available to life and to the celebration of the present moment.

Osho’s Mystic Rose Meditative TherapyOsho’s Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy
A Revolutionary Process of Healing and Transformation through Laughter, Tears and Silence

by Leela Itzler
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 180068794X
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1800687943
Available on Amazon worldwide – amazon.comamazon.co.ukamazon.de

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Leela Itzler is the Director of the Osho Institute for Meditative Therapies. mysticrosemeditation.com

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