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Roberta Lippi of now made her podcast interviews available in English.

Osho with Siddhartha

Not a child of Osho, but THE child of Osho: the protagonist of this double episode of Soli is Siddhartha, the Golden Boy, Baghwan’s favorite child with whom he established a unique and special bond. For this reason, Sid had become a friend with all the members of the community, loved by everyone, but also very hated and abused by Sheela: how far can human envy go? What about the resilience of a little child?


In this second part of the episode dedicated to Siddhartha, we continue to listen to the story of the Golden Boy, his travels in search of himself and his place in the world without ever forgetting the Master, his visits to Rajneeshpuram, which Siddhartha has ever seen as the Promised Land, and the constant abuse and harassment he suffered from Sheela. Who is Siddhartha today? How does he remember that period of his life and all the people who, when he was just a child, did everything but protect him?

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Roberta Lippi

Roberta Lippi is a content curator, writer, screenwriter from Milan, Italy.

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