With Pulsation we gradually let go of whatever is preventing our full aliveness

Healing & Meditation

Aneesha in conversation via Zoom with Divya and Abheeru from Brazil.

From the series, Histórias com Osho, Season 2, episode 29 by Divyadez, recorded during lockdown in May 2021.

If there is a spiritual master who is teaching these kind of things (breathing, movement, catharsis, silence, relaxation) he is my master. This is the man I have much to learn from.”

As for someone who was a seeker for many years, in a way coming to Osho was absolutely a natural next step in my outer work and also in my inner work.”

With Pulsation we gradually let go of whatever is preventing our full aliveness. What results is relaxation; and Pulsation prepares the body to go deep in meditation.”

[Osho] brought light into every corner of my body.”

All that interior space that I have gained through Osho and understand in my own body, I feel I can begin to transmit that also. And not be too serious…”


01:51 How did you come to Osho?

10:47 What is the meaning of your name, Deva Aneesha.

14:25 What I remember from you is Sufi Dance.

19:35 Please talk about your work of Pulsation (New Reichian Emotional Release Work).

25:13 We are lucky to have Osho in our lives. How is Osho in your work?

30.45 Tell us about your book, Tantric Pulsation.

33:00 Do you want to share something with our Brazilian friends who will see you on Facebook or YouTube?

Tantric Pulsation by Aneesha L. Dillon is available through Amazon.


Aneesha Dillon is the creator of Osho Pulsation and author of Tantric Pulsation. oshopulsation.com

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