Horoscope for the Month of Aquarius 2023


This month’s horoscope by Phoebe with quotes from Osho’s discourse series The Art of Dying and Hari Om Tat Sat.

Aquarius Mandala by Deva Padma
‘Aquarius’ © by Deva Padma, available as fine art print from devapadma-prints.com

Phoebe would like to point out that we all have all the twelve zodiac signs in our horoscope – some with planets in them and some are empty – meaning some of the themes addressed are in the foreground and some in the background of our lives. “I recommend readers to read all twelve quotes, not just their star sign, for a wider perspective on the themes of the month,” she says.

Planetary Positions

Sun in Capricorn enters Aquarius on 20th January.
New Moon on 21st January in Aquarius. Full Moon on 5th February in Leo.
Mercury in Capricorn enters Aquarius on 11th February.
Venus in Aquarius enters Pisces on 27th January.
Mars in Gemini.
Jupiter in Aries.
Saturn in Aquarius.
Uranus retrograde in Taurus turns direct on 22nd January.
Neptune in Pisces.
Pluto in Capricorn.
Chiron in Aries.

Mood of the Month

“The most fundamental thing is how to live. Let me tell you a few things. First, your life is your life, it is nobody else’s. So don’t allow yourself to be dominated by others, don’t allow yourself to be dictated to by others, that is a betrayal of life. If you allow yourself to be dictated to by others… you will miss your life. Because the domination comes from outside and life is within you. They never meet… A really rebellious person is one… who simply lives his life according to his own understanding. Whether it goes against society or it goes with society… He lives according to his understanding, according to his small light.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 1


“In a moment of meditation you suddenly see that you can move in two directions – either horizontal or vertical. The vertical consists of silences, blissfulness, ecstasies; the horizontal consists of hands, work, the world… The vertical opens a door to eternity where death does not exist, where one simply becomes more and more part of the cosmic whole… Ambitions, desires, jealousies will start evaporating… because they cannot exist on the vertical line. They can exist only in the darkness of the horizontal, where everybody is in competition, everybody is full of lust, full of will to power, a great desire to dominate, to become somebody special. On the vertical line all these stupidities simply disappear.”

Osho, Hari Om Tat Sat, Ch 27


“In this life learn to enjoy. Discipline your senses to be more musical; discipline yourself to be more sensitive, intelligent because, whatever is going to come… tomorrow, we will enjoy it with more intensity, more clarity, more discipline, more love… And the same is true about after death… There is no need to believe. Just live this life and, if any life happens after this life, you will be able to enjoy, and if nothing happens, nothing happens. There is no harm; you simply are not… Either you will be – then you know how to enjoy – or you will not be so there is no problem for you.”

Osho, Hari Om Tat Sat, Ch 26


“Knowledge you have enough, now learn knowing. Knowledge clutters the mind as dust gathers on the mirror… Knowing has a totally different quality and flavour to it. It has the flavour of learning… Learning means you don’t gather anything. You simply remain available to what is happening or is going to happen. Learning is a state of open mind… A learning mind is one which listens attentively with no interference from the past, which is just an opening, a mirror-like phenomenon, which simply reflects whatsoever is. If you start learning you will attain knowing, and knowing will help you to see that you don’t know at all!”

Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 4


“All hankering for the special is of the ego… Be ordinary, but bring a quality of awareness to your ordinary life. Bring God to your ordinary life… Sleep, eat, love, pray, meditate, but don’t think that you are making or doing something special. And then you will be special. A man who is ready to live an ordinary life is an extraordinary man. Because to be extraordinary, to desire to be extraordinary, is a very ordinary desire. To relax and to be ordinary is really extraordinary.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 2


“Live passionately. How can you die unless you have lived totally? In total life there is death, and that death is beautiful. In a passionate, intense life, death comes spontaneously, as a silence, as a profound bliss… People have become afraid of life because they are afraid of death. They don’t live because at the highest points, peaks, death always penetrates into life… Whenever you meditate you will find death moving around. In love, in orgasm, in any aesthetic experience, in music, in song, in poetry, in dance – wherever you suddenly lose your ego, death is there.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 2


“If it was predictable life would not be worth living. To move according to one’s own understanding is the only way to grow and become mature… If you are looking at somebody else to dictate to you, to decide for or against, you will never be able to know what your life is. It has to be lived, and you have to follow your own small light… I am not saying that you will not make mistakes, you will. Remember only one thing – don’t make the same mistake again and again… A man who can find new mistakes to make will be growing continuously. That is the only way to learn.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 1


“Your life is a life of compromise, and a life of compromise is a life of the dark night of the soul… There are not percentages – that fifty percent I am right; fifty percent you are right. Right is a hundred percent; otherwise it is not right… But, from the very childhood, in every sphere of your life you are told not to come in conflict, be polite. In other words always manage some compromise… You become a stranger to yourself. You have so many masks you lose contact with your original face. And a mask cannot enjoy, it is dead. It cannot laugh, it cannot love. Only the original face is capable of understanding the language of the universe.”

Osho, Hari Om Tat Sat, Ch 26


“Death and life are two polarities of the same energy, of the same phenomenon – the tide and the ebb, the day and the night, the summer and the winter. They are not separate and not opposites, not contraries. They are complementaries. Death is not the end of life. In fact it is a completion of one life, the crescendo of one life, the climax, the finale. And once you know your life and its process, then you understand what death is… Life exists because of death – death gives the background. Death is, in fact, a process of renewal and death happens each moment… Breathing in, life happens; breathing out, death happens… You cannot live if you stop dying!”

Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 1


“When anyone has realized his buddhahood, his enlightenment, his immortality, the first thing that has happened is laughter. Laughter at himself because he was seeking and searching for millions of years for something that he himself was… You cannot be separate from yourself. There is a possibility of distance between you and the other, but there is no possibility of distance between you and you… One realizes the hilarious situation that buddhas are trying to be buddhas! Naturally a great laughter arises… Suddenly your mind stops, your time stops… Only for a moment, of course, because it is not through awareness that you have obtained buddhahood but through laughter.”

Osho, Hari Om Tat Sat, Ch 17


“We need more happy people around the earth to prevent the third world war… A hand that knows the beauty of a roseflower cannot drop a bomb on Hiroshima. A hand that knows the beauty of love is not the hand to keep a gun loaded with death… Spread laughter, spread love, spread life-affirmative values, grow more flowers around the earth. Everything that is beautiful, appreciate it, and everything that is inhuman, condemn it. Take this whole earth away from the hands of the politicians and the priests… and you will have changed the world into a totally new phenomenon, with a new human consciousness. And it has to be done now, because the time is very short.”

Osho, Hari Om Tat Sat, Ch 5


“Life is in living. It is not a thing; it is a process. There is no way to attain to life except by living it, except by being alive, by flowing, streaming with it. If you are seeking the meaning of life in some dogma, in some philosophy, in some theology, that is the sure way to miss life and meaning both. Life is not somewhere waiting for you. It is happening in you. It is not in the future as a goal to be arrived at. It is here-now, this very moment, in your breathing, circulating in your blood, beating in your heart. Whatsoever you are is your life, and if you start seeking meaning somewhere else, you will miss it… Only in living will the mystery be revealed to you.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 1


“A person who really wants to know the height has also to know the depth, otherwise he will not be able to know. Depth is the other part of the height. The higher the peak of the mountain, the deeper the valley… The river moves, trusting, not knowing where she is going… And then one day every river, whether it runs towards the East or whether it runs towards the West or the South or the North, it makes no difference, every river finally, eventually, reaches the ultimate, disappears into the ocean. In the ocean she has attained the final depth. Now the journey is complete… Now the river can disappear into nirvana.”

Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 4

Phoebe Wyss

Phoebe Wyss is a regular contributor for the monthly horoscope and is the author of various books on astrology – astrophoebe.com


Padma is an internationally exhibited artist, the creator and designer of the Osho Zen Tarot and the Tao Oracle. embraceart.com

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