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(7 January 1959 – 4 August 2022)

Ghyan Megha cr Ashana

A romantic spiritual globetrotter

Prem Megha, ‘path of love’, later went by the name of Ghyan. His travels had taken him from Germany to California (Esalen Institute, where he had studied massage), India (Pune, Goa, Rishikesh, just to name a few), to Nepal (the Annapurna circuit), Malaysia, Brazil, Portugal, Costa Rica and more…

He took sannyas from Osho at age 23. Later he also visited other masters and visionaries; João de Deus in Abadiânia, Brazil; Mooji in Portugal and Tyohar in Costa Rica.

Since 1985 he had been living in a van when back in Europe. In summer he sold posters in Germany and Scandinavia and with the proceeds then took off on his travels for the winter. That had all worked out well, until while in Brazil he was attached by a man and got so badly injured that his shoulder had to be operated upon. As, despite many hours of physio, it continued to cause him a lot of pain, he busied himself visiting different doctors, having examinations and trying to get an appointment for a second operation.

“He almost always wore his mala and a white T-shirt with some writing on it. And black or white trousers. And sometimes a red cowboy hat. What struck me right away and fascinated me about him was his incredibly gentle manner,” writes Ashana about him.

He decided to leave this earth on his own terms.

Based on a letter from Dhyan Ashana, thanks to Vinod for alert and to Moksha for making the connections

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Am here in Goa where I saw Megha for the last time three years ago as we lived next door to each other for a week. One evening we were crossing the open field and came across the free-wandering old bull. All three of us merging into the same path. As the old bull was going slow I cut in on the path first. Megha thought he could manage second, but the old bull wouldn’t have it and gave him a good shove with his head, sending him up in the air and into some thick bushes – Megha’s sandals flying in different directions. After we found that Megha was unharmed we could not stop roaring with laughter. Took us another ten minutes to find those sandals in the twilight. Watch out for old zen bulls!

He was a sweet and dear friend that I miss very much. I loved his yearly visits to Denmark when he was on his ‘poster sales tours’. He was quite the musician. A shy one… having composed about 100 songs of his own creation. Loved listening to him play on those visits.

Ma Deva Vinod

Megha at lake

Beloved friend,

I lost sight of you, like with so many others, when Osho had left the body.

Is it already so long ago, when we stood side by side at the burning ghat, singing for our Master?

I remember you very well, when you came to give me a hand with the wild sannyasin kids at the “kids corner” in front of the back-gate. Sometimes I had to take care of 20 to 40 of them… You where one of the rare sannyasins, who came to help me once in a while. You always appeared silently, asking what was needed and then disappeared in the same silent way.

The kids loved you. Also my daughter, Sahajo, who often ran away because I was also busy with other kids… When you were around, she decided to stay and you made her and all children laugh.

I remember you as a very gentle soul with a huge heart. It seems to me, the more of my sannyasin friends from Pune times leave their body, the wider my own heart is getting, giving each one a place in it.

Megha, you are in my heart and maybe it will not be too long when we will meet again.

In love, with love. Fly higher and higher.


Ma Satprem


Beloved friend,

You have been mega! I met you in the Sangha with Swaha and have been very happy to have an other wild German around 😊!

You are a traveler, so nothing new for you know…

Wish you a wonder-full trip!

With love,


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