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Four more excerpts from Bhagawati’s book serialized this month on Osho World.

Sneha in Past the Point of No Return

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Recollections of Osho Disciples on how they became his sannyasins


“I have found my people. I have found my world. I have found a small planet of my own, where love is the only law, where laughter is prayer, where dancing is divine, where every moment is sacred, and where to be natural is the only spirituality.”
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20 Ma Prem Amrita

MA PREM AMRITA (Love and Nectar of Immortality)
Born in 1970 in Bangalore, India. Amrita took sannyas in 1988 and presently lives in Uttarakhand, India


So there I was, all of 18 years old, fresh out of boarding school, stuck in a college in a place called Poona. I was bored out of my mind, surrounded by oh, so predictable people – all very sweet, of course, but so boring, so society… Read More


19 Swami Deva Ananya

SWAMI DEVA ANANYA (One with the Divine) (aka Mahendra)
Born in 1956 in Munich, Germany. Ananya took sannyas in 1976 and presently lives in Walchensee, Bavaria, Germany.


It is the winter of 1975-76 in Munich. I am 19 years old, finishing the last year of high school. Very frustrated with life, especially sexually, and suicidal, with no exciting prospects in sight. I am basically anti-establishment. I am living in a house with a couple of other young people. One day, one of them, a woman, brings along a strangely dressed street musician who has a guru. Later on I get to know him as one of the main ashram musicians called Govindas, but at that time I just gather a sense of strangeness about him and find out that he will soon be travelling to a place called Poona in India. It sounds kind of interesting, but too far away from my perspective on things… Read More


18 Ma Deva Sneha

MA DEVA SNEHA (Divine Love)
Born in 1947 in Würzburg, Germany. Sneha took sannyas in 1979 and presently lives in Munich, Germany


In the summer of 1978, I spent six weeks in California, near Palo Alto, to participate in trainings that would enable me to become a yoga teacher. I also spent about 10 days in Esalen, taking part in a Tai Chi course by Al Huang. All this touched me deeply and inspired me to start teaching yoga and tai chi when I was back in Germany. And so it happened: pretty soon after my return I taught my first classes in yoga and meditation… Read More


17 Ma Anand Bhagawati

MA ANAND BHAGAWATI (Bliss and Divineness)
Born in 1947 in Vienna, Austria. Bhagawati took sannyas in 1976 and is presently living in Bali, Indonesia

I HAD ARRIVED HOMEI grew up in post-war Vienna. I felt unsettled living there as a child, as I had an inner sense of not belonging to the family I lived with, that my parents were not my real parents; there were often vague memories haunting me in the back of my mind, and I was given to fits of sadness and frustration, during which I would lock myself in the bathroom and bawl my eyes out. During one such session, I heard a soundless voice within tell me that I was living in the best possible environment for the time being and that my life would change later. Although I was a young child, I understood, and this message relaxed me into being able to function in the way my family and society were expecting from me… Read More

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