Horoscope for the Month of Aries 2023


This month’s horoscope by Phoebe with quotes by Osho.

Aries Mandala by Deva Padma
‘Aries’ © by Deva Padma, available as fine art print from devapadma-prints.com

Phoebe would like to point out that we all have all the twelve zodiac signs in our horoscope – some with planets in them and some are empty – meaning some of the themes addressed are in the foreground and some in the background of our lives. “I recommend readers to read all twelve quotes, not just their star sign, for a wider perspective on the themes of the month,” she says.

Planetary Positions

Sun in Pisces enters Aries on 20th March (Spring Equinox).
New Moon 21st March in Aries, Full Moon 7th April in Libra.
Mercury in Aries until 3rd April, then in Taurus.
Venus in Taurus enters Gemini on 11th April.
Mars in Gemini enters Cancer on 25th March.
Jupiter in Aries.
Saturn in Pisces.
Uranus in Taurus.
Neptune in Pisces.
Pluto in Capricorn.
Chiron in Aries.

Mood of the Month

“Hope is another name of desire, another name of expectation, another name of ambition… Hope is a way of going out, desire is a way of going away, ambition is a way to avoid going in… People go on looking in the future and the present goes on passing by. And the present is the only reality. The future is a dream, and, howsoever sweet, dreams never come true. Self-realization is not a dream. It is a realization in the present moment of your own being. So… go on more and more – exhaust hopelessness, come to the optimum hopelessness. Then hope disappears automatically, and when there is no hope you are!”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 15


“I teach selfishness. I want you to be first your own flowering. Yes, it will appear as selfishness… But is the rose selfish when it blossoms?… I teach you to be natural, and I teach you to accept your naturalness. I know one thing for certain, that when you have blossomed, you will be sharing. There is no way to avoid it. When the flower opens up there is no way for it to withhold its fragrance and keep it imprisoned. The fragrance escapes. It reaches in all directions. So first, be fulfilled, be content. First, be. Then out of your being there will be a fragrance reaching to many… And there is nothing more joyful than sharing your joy.”

Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Ch 11


“You are not born with a ready-made self. You are born only as a seed, and you can die also only as a seed. But you can become a flower, can become a tree. And out of one seed there can come millions of seeds. Do you see the abundance and richness of existence? One seed can make the whole earth green, the whole universe green – what to say of the earth! Just one seed! How much potential is carried in a single small seed! But you can keep it in your safe bank account, and live a life which is not life at all. I am all for richness in every possible way… So live, and live intensely. Burn the torch of your life from both the ends together.”

Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Ch 9


“Only one thing can transform, and that is going beyond the mind, going beyond thinking, and coming to a space where the sky is absolutely without clouds. And then no question arises, and no answer is needed… Mind is an exercise in utter futility. Only very few people in the world have been able to find the truth that the mind is our only problem. If we can go beyond mind into silence, into utter and profound silence undisturbed by anything, not even a ripple of thought, then we have found it. Not the answer but something existential, a transformation, a mutation, a revolution in ourselves which destroys all questions and all answers, and leaves us in utter serenity.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 39


“In anguish, only one thing seems to be there – somehow to get out of this circle of life… But the whole situation can be changed. We just have to change the premises… Remove the idea that anybody else is responsible for your misery and suffering. Remove the idea that somebody can give meaning to your life. Accept that you are alone, born alone, and you will die alone. And you have to accept the fact that you are living alone… maybe with your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, but they are alone in their aloneness. You are alone in your aloneness, and those alonenesses don’t touch each other… You have to accept your aloneness which you can in no way avoid. It is your authentic reality, it is you!”

Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Ch 15


“There are people who are born leaders, just as there are people who are born poets, there are people who are born painters. Everybody is born with a certain quality. He may know it, he may not know it. The sooner he knows the better, because then he starts moving in the right direction for his fulfillment. Unless he finds the right direction which leads to the fulfillment of his inborn quality he will never feel content. So the function of the master is not to make you just like himself. His function is to help you discover who you are…”

Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Ch 10


“Participate in the small joys of life, and it will open its great treasures. It contains immense riches, but it needs you to explore them. It gives you challenges, because… what you find with great difficulty you enjoy more. That which is very arduous brings great rejoicing; that which is obvious, freely available, will not give you joy… And all the doors are inside, so you don’t have to go to the Himalayas. You have just to go inwards. The deeper you go in, the more you know that life is not alien – it is your very heart. You are not separate from it. You have always been part of it in some form or other, and you will remain always part of it. You belong to this eternal celebration.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 38


“About love, allow freedom and don’t be guided by fixed ideas… Love will give you troubles, anxieties, anguishes, but… see that love has done nothing. It has simply given you a few beautiful, tremendously ecstatic moments. And it has not asked anything in return. It was not a bargain. It was a sheer gift… You don’t feel even grateful? You feel revengeful?… Be grateful to the person that for no reason at all, she is a stranger, you are a stranger, …something transpired between you, and it was nourishing to both of you. It has made you more mature. Perhaps tomorrow again some spring breeze may move towards you, but never ask the return of the past. It is not possible.”

Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Ch 18


“Accept yourself in your totality. You don’t bypass any part of yourself, you don’t hide anything in darkness. You bring yourself into the light and see yourself with the eyes of a friend, because this is your energy, and this is the energy that you have to work upon. When you come to it as a friend, it also comes to you as a friend. And to befriend oneself is one of the greatest things in life that can happen… First love yourself. Bring your good and bad together, don’t divide, become one… Then you will see outside also a wholeness, an immense unity between darkness and light, between death and birth. You will see that unity and wholeness everywhere!”

Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Ch 17


“It is natural to be impatient. And a great understanding and awareness is needed not to be impatient, because impatience is not going to help. On the contrary it is one of the great hindrances… You want the vast and the mysterious to open its doors without much effort on your part. It is not possible. There are a thousand and one doors, and only one is right. You will have to knock on all the wrong doors to find the right one… Growing up comes by itself. You have to work, but not directly, on how to grow up soon. You have to work more on meditation, more on silence, more on love. And the total result is growth!”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 39


“You cannot manipulate the integrated man through these childish, stupid strategies that ‘if you do this you will attain to heaven… If you do that you will fall into hell’… The integrated man will simply laugh at all this nonsense. He has no fear of the future – you cannot create hell. He has no greed for the future – you cannot create heaven. He needs no protection, nobody to guide him, nobody to take him somewhere. He has no goals, no motivations. Each moment is so complete that it is not waiting to be completed by another moment which will come… Each moment is full, overfull, overflowing, and all that he knows is a tremendous gratitude for this beautiful existence!”

Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Ch 25


“The world exactly needs the people there are. There are lazy people – they are needed. They are part of a relaxed, utterly contented flowering that is of its own kind. And there are perfectionists – they are needed otherwise everything will be topsy turvy. There are so many kinds of people. They create a variety and variety in itself is tremendously needed. You should not ask that everyone becomes like everybody else. In fact everybody should be left to be himself or herself and respected the way the person is. Variety means many, many kinds of flowers in the garden. Just roses and roses will be boring.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 31


“Nobody can be miserly with their love. Either one has love – then it starts overflowing in its own time, you don’t have to push it, you don’t have to force it – or one has not. When one has not, one can only pretend… Love can be known only as a fragrance of meditation, not before it. You have not known even the flower. You are not acquainted with the fragrance. Once the flower opens up, it is beyond the capacity of the flower to be miserly… The fragrance will go with the winds; it will spread all over. So you just enjoy being alone – this is your meditation – and the spring will come. It always comes. Trust existence – the flower will blossom!”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 37

Phoebe Wyss

Phoebe Wyss is a regular contributor for the monthly horoscope and is the author of various books on astrology – astrophoebe.com


Padma is an internationally exhibited artist, the creator and designer of the Osho Zen Tarot and the Sacret She Tarot. embraceart.com

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