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The next stories from Bhagawati’s book, serialized this month on Osho World: Anatto, Nandan, Tao and Veena.

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Read intro by Bhagawati and get links to previous episodes: Past the Point of No Return

Recollections of Osho Disciples on how they became his sannyasins


“I have found my people. I have found my world. I have found a small planet of my own, where love is the only law, where laughter is prayer, where dancing is divine, where every moment is sacred, and where to be natural is the only spirituality.” More…

Ma Prema Veena

MA PREMA VEENA (Instrument of Love)
Born in 1944 in Durban, South Africa. Veena took sannyas in 1971 and presently lives in Dorset, UK

The sun slips below the horizon, outlines clean and sharp. The sky is reflected multi-coloured in the still clear water. Pollution hasn’t hit this place at this time.
It is Calangute Beach, Goa, India, 1971… Read More

MA PREM TAO (Ultimate Law of Love)
Born in 1942 in Toronto, Canada. Tao took sannyas in 1977 and presently lives in Hawaii, USA

The Story Begins
My first exposure to Bhagwan was in 1971 in London, as I sat in the office of Kaleidoscope (later called Community), a Growth Centre for Self-Development that Michael Barnett (later Somendra) and I co-ran… Read More

Ma Deva Nandan

Born in 1945 in Sonthofen, Germany. Nandan took Sannyas in 1977 and presently lives in Tuscany, Italy

In 1976, I lived with my six-year-old daughter Tatjana in a beautiful, large, old-fashioned flat in Schwabing, Munich, in a very well-functioning community of seven adults and two children. Most of us had already some years of experience in communal living, so we no longer needed to argue about subjects such as not leaving the kitchen in a mess after cooking or how to clean the bathroom. Everybody had their own room, and we had transformed a spacious corridor into our communal living room with an immense podium that was our space to hang out; all of us could sit there, whether it was for a meeting or for a relaxed evening listening to Pink Floyd and a home-grown marijuana joint making the rounds… Read More

Swami Gyan Anatto

SWAMI GYAN ANATTO (Egoless Wisdom)
Born in 1950 in Rome, Italy. Anatto took sannyas in 1980 and presently lives in Bali, Indonesia

Cutting the roots
It was during a summer holiday in 1979 in Mexico while I was hanging out on a beach on my yearly 3 weeks’ vacation from my job, doing nothing in particular, that all of a sudden I became keenly aware of the lack of fulfilment in the life I was living. I knew in that moment that a radical change needed to happen, and upon return to Italy, I was determined to clean the slate. Even though I had no idea what to do next, it was absolutely clear that whatever I was doing it was not IT and before the new could come I had to end the old… Read More

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