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Impotence of the mind – Action out of delight

Osho answers a question by Vinod Bharti; "If you see the impotence of the mind, the mind disappears but action becomes for the first time tremendously beautiful."

It was just a joke. You are not enlightened, relax!

In Rajneeshpuram, Osho declared a few sannyasins enlightened. Here is a question of one of them. Osho comments on how they reacted differently mentioning, among others, Vinod [...]

There are many holy masters existing in an unembodied form

Osho speaks about the holy ones around us who exist in a bodiless state, referring to the book, 'Light on the Path' by Mabel Collins. Part 2 of 2. "When subjectivity and [...]

The boy with the candle

"We arise out of the cosmic consciousness; we fall back into the cosmic consciousness," says Osho. From our series 1001 Tales, compiled by Shanti.

Search, Search and Search

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Yuri Gagarin: ‘My beautiful earth…’

Osho comments on Yuri Gagarin's quote, 'Strange, when you live on the earth, you don't bother about the earth...'

Consciousness cannot be forced

Osho speaks on the inner and outer senses, referring to the book, 'Light on the Path'. He says that the book "was dictated by the Masters to Mabel Collins." Part 1 of 2. "If your [...]

You will have to go into your naked essence

Henri Bergson spoke at the beginning of this century. He said, 'The addition to the body brought by technology calls for a corresponding addition to the soul.'

The realm of happiness

In a darshan, Osho speaks about the different reflections of bliss that we know as pleasure, happiness and joy, and refers to Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso.

Three kings who visit a man named Frank

Osho comments on a parable found on the back of Bob Dylan's album, John Wesley Harding, From our series 1001 Tales, compiled by Shanti.

What Is Is

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The nine states of your being

Modern psychology has discovered a few things which are significant; although they have been discovered only intellectually, still it is a good beginning.

The Sufi master who did not want to speak

"All asking is unnecessary, because whatsoever answer I give to you is really there inside you. I only make it apparent. I help it to surface in you," says Osho. From our series [...]

A darshan diary is a pageant, a festival

Deva Ashoka wrote the introduction to the darshan diary 'The Open Door'. He elaborates on the two Bhagwans he perceives, the one who speaks in discourse and the other, in darshan.

The tirtha and the temple have their own science

"All civilizations live through beliefs and faith," explains Osho. From ‘Hidden Mysteries’, Ch 2, Part 9 of 9.

A Rabbi drives into Father Murphy’s car

"The mind is very cunning. Everybody’s mind is the mind of the Jew. ‘Jew’ is not a race; it is the innermost core of all minds," says Osho about this 'joke'. From our series [...]

To be German Means to be Perfect

"It is not a question of following me; the real question is of following your own light," says Osho.

From Italy to Nirvana there is a Direct Route

Osho talks about Italians, and Indians, "I must have been an Italian; otherwise whatsoever I am now today would not have been possible."

There are a few tirthas that are eternal

"The final thing to be understood about the tirtha is the value of symbolic acts," explains Osho. From ‘Hidden Mysteries’, Ch 2, Part 8 of 9.

Tibet… is the most ancient, primitive, innocent culture

Osho speaks on ancient Tibetan customs and techniques.

The world is a pilgrimage

Osho speaks to a sannyasin about the meaning of his new name and the human soul's suffering and longing to go back to god.

Politicians [and] religions don’t want you to become one

Almost every person is split - for such silly and stupid things you cannot believe. You will not allow a saint just a little bit of smoking?

The tirtha is a mass experiment

"There is one other thing to be understood. Ordinarily we have the illusion that we are all separate individuals. This is a wrong belief," declares Osho. From ‘Hidden [...]

Cause and effect is a blind relationship

You cannot see enlightenment, you can see only the consequence of it.

Blessing or misfortune? The man without judgment

"If you ever want to get out of the mind - and without it there is no possibility of your inner growth - then, 'Judge ye not,'" says Osho. From our series 1001 Tales, compiled by [...]

I rejoice in the waves of your love

An Enlightenment Day Celebration in Bhagwan's silent presence held in Pune 1. The following are quotes on the occasion of the celebration - and a song.

Hugging is the way of the heart

Osho, Why is hugging such an incredibly effective therapeutic tool? P.S. I used to think that clarity, wit and analysis was the way, but they are all garbage alongside hugging.

The samurai who felt inferior

"Simple means no inferiority, no superiority... one simply is - no comparison," says Osho. From our series 1001 Tales, compiled by Shanti.

This moment is all

To me this is sannyas:

I want one world…

Osho lines up a few plain requirements with a far-reaching outlook.

How much longer?

A Cup of Tea (91)

All methods of helping a seeker were found in tirthas and temples

"The pyramids of Egypt are tirthas of some old, lost civilization. One interesting fact about the pyramids is that there is complete darkness inside," says Osho. From 'Hidden [...]

The monk and the prostitute

"Your saints cannot be innocents because their goodness is forced too much; their goodness is already ugly. Their goodness is managed, controlled, cultivated, it is not innocent," [...]

Now there is no need to have your own memory

Osho speaks on the impact of television and computers in modern life, asserting that computers can destroy people's memory systems.

The whole of the River Ganges is an experiment of alchemists

"Hindus and Jainas have separate keys; the former work with water, the latter with fire," states Osho. From 'Hidden Mysteries', Ch 2, Part 5 of 9.

A moment’s reverence is enough

Osho speaks on the topic: Surrender. "The buddha is a mirror: when you bow down you see your original face reflected in the buddha."

A monk carries a woman across the river

"Remember that your understanding is shown in every way, and if you watch correctly, your very watchfulness will take you to a further step." From our series 1001 Tales, compiled [...]

Every religion has its own keys

Osho explains that each pilgrimage has its own key - no wrong person should reach the authentic place, but the right person will always find it. From 'Hidden Mysteries', Ch 2, Part [...]

If St. Francis of Assisi would have been born today, where would he be?

Osho says he would be in a madhouse. From our series 1001 Tales, compiled by Shanti.

Looking in the Rearview Mirror

A sannyasin has to relax to that total state of let-go when everything happens and nothing is done.

All religions have developed their own code languages

"The real location of places for pilgrimage are often hidden or obscured," says Osho. From 'Hidden Mysteries', Ch 2, Part 3 of 9.

The whole world can be transformed into a Buddhafield

Osho talks on the topic: Commune. "I would like to create a chain of communes all around the world..."

On which side of the shoes have you left your umbrella?

"Turn each opportunity of life into meditation. Do it fully aware, alert, watchful, witnessing," says Osho while commenting on Zen master Ikkyu's question. From our series 1001 [...]

Trust and Know

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The whole purpose of the places of pilgrimage

Osho continues to explain the alchemical secrets of places of holy pilgrimage, here with reference to the tirthankaras. From 'Hidden Mysteries', Ch 2, Part 2 of 9. "A tirthankara [...]

People Are Obsessed With Doing

When the tree is overflowing with vitality it blooms and flowers.

Being is herenow, it is what you are right now

Samudaya's sannyas darshan. "Sat means being, samudaya means arising. Up to now you have lived as a becoming, as a desire: doing this, doing that, trying for this, trying for that. [...]

To Be There!

Power is your own state. When you are full of energy, you are powerful.

The elephant, the horsefly and the sparrow

"That's how the ego exists. We magnify our virtues, we magnify our sins, we magnify everything," says Osho. From our series 1001 Tales, compiled by Shanti.