Raw Borscht


Niten shares one of his many ‘eye-wateringly delicious’ recipes, to help inspire any of you thinking about going raw.

Raw Borscht
Raw Borscht

Make 2 cups of almond milk

Juice 4 cups of beetroot juice. Reserve the pulp

Blend all the juice with one and half cups of almond milk

Add some of the pulp to the required thickness and 2 teaspoons of your favourite seasoning powder

Blend again

Pour into individual bowls, just before serving add little swirl of the remaining almond milk on the surface of each bowl

Garnish with any chopped fresh herbs

From the collection ‘Raw recipes from Niten’s kitchen’

NitenNiten is a raw food enthusiast and cook of many years experience. He became a ‘Raw Foodist’ in 1996 when living on a permaculture farm. He now gives Raw Food retreats in England and Ibiza, where he lives. We are lucky to get his recipes with the inspiring pictures he makes.

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