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Premen’s beautiful heart jewels are waiting to be filled with Tachyon cells – any in your drawers?

A few months ago I reconnected with Premen – you guessed it, via Facebook. We remembered the times we used to play shakers together during the Samba celebrations in Pune (she is from Brazil!) and the time, around 2001, when I discovered that she had been working as a jeweller (or rather as an ‘art-scientist’ as she calls herself) and had just received a prestigious award (the De Beers’s Millennium Diamond International Award) for one of her creations – and me feeling terribly proud about that.

Premen's hearts

She showed me some of her jewels and it was impossible to walk away without one of them hanging around my neck. It is here with me in Greece, although I am living off a narrow selection of my belongings. I could not leave it behind!

It is a gold-plated heart with a diamond, formed like a woven basked which holds a Tachyon cell inside. The cell is interchangeable and held in place by slight pressure. Premen first assessed my energy and recommended I should get an orange cell, rather than a more ‘higher-chakra’ one which I would have chosen for myself.

I have been wearing Premen’s jewel on special occasions, but also just at home when I feel low in energy. When I wore it during networking events, even the shy Brits would approach me and ask me about it. Maybe because of its beauty, energy or particular design, but certainly because they could not understand how it could be there, apparently suspended above my skin – until I showed them the thin nylon string around my neck – but only after making puns about glue, bolts and the like…

It turns out that the Tachyon cells which the hearts are made for are no longer available on the market. Then we thought: “What about all those Tachyon cells which are left unusued in forgotten drawers of our sannyasin friends?”

The Tachyon cells are there and Premen’s hearts are here, let’s put them together!


Have a look in your many drawers and contact Premen at:

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