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Polish man sets up library merely by world-wide contributions

About a year ago I got an email out of the blue from Tadeusz Glowinski, a book lover living in Oleśnica, Poland (southwest, not far from the Austrian border). Tadeusz, who calls himself Teddy for his Polishly challenged international audience, was throwing his net far and wide for books from around the world and asked me to contribute a few of mine to his growing library.

I liked the style of his request and, being a book lover myself, sent him two. He recently sent me this picture of his granddaughter, Daria, who is cast in the victim role of actually pretending to read one of them. If he does this with all his authors ‑ as I suspect he would like to ‑ the two have a long way to go. Bonne chance et courage, mes amis.

Glowinski's Library for Max Brecher

Here is his message to me, polished up from the Englishly-challenged original.

“That girl is my granddaughter, Daria, who will be a librarian in the future. I think ‘Glowinski’s Library’ has thousands of cordial contacts with “People of books and arts” throughout the World. On the map behind her you can see the 88 countries where we have gotten our contributions from. It is in my flat, because in the library itself there is not enough space.

But I’m still not satisfied and dream about more and more. I wish you a beautiful day. Best wishes from Poland.”

To the rest of the librarians around the world, you have been warned.

P.S. If anyone wants to send him some books, please contact us on our contact page…

Max Brecher

Max Brecher is a communications specialist living in Amsterdam. He is the author of 10 books, including A Passage to America.

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