I am happy that you long for peace

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (7)

Osho laughing


It is a long time since I received your letter.
I am happy that you long for peace –
but drop this idea that you are way behind.
Nobody is lagging behind.

It is just a matter of turning in –
and the drop becomes the ocean.
Actually the drop is the ocean
but it does not know it –
that is the only separation.
In the emptiness of meditation even this separation goes.
Meditation is the centre of life’s sadhana.

The thought process will slow down
and in its place will come peace and emptiness.
When thoughts vanish
the seer, the witness, becomes visible
and the complex of the unconscious disappears.
This complex is the cause of bondage.
In the beginning it appears as hard as stone
but the seeker who practices patiently
finds one day that it was just a dream,
a puff of air.

May the seed of your meditation
blossom into the flower of samadhi!
My kind regards to all.
The rest when we meet.

Osho, A Cup of Tea

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