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Review of Jivan Grahi’s book presenting a practical guide to slowing your ageing

GrahiJivan Grahi (David Niven Miller) was born and raised in Zimbabwe and lives nowadays in Perth, Western Australia; he is an avid swimmer who loves the wild shore of the Indian Ocean nearby. By profession an economist and author of several successful self-help books about computers, he embarked twelve years ago on a quest on how to slow down the aging process., – available in paperback and e-book




This book is an amazing mind opener to learn how to improve one’s well-being by eating nutrient-dense foods, developing a high-function lifestyle, and harnessing the power of the mind. Although I’ve been eating healthy diet for many years (and hardly any processed foods), I found a lot of new and important input.

Grahi challenges the reader to question the life style he/she is leading, if it fits, if it is healthy or has room for improvement, emphasizing that everybody has the choice to either believe in old age combined with dis-ease, or to embark on a change in attitude and aim for a longer, youthful and healthy life.

A lot of the so-called degenerative diseases so many suffer from are often stress related, due to lack of exercise and improper food intake. He offers self healing methods, meditations, relaxation and breathing exercises and addresses many common questions that the mind uses to avoid the conclusion that change is definitely needed!

The food part is large and thorough with the emphasis on living food: “Only eat foods that spoil or rot, but eat them before they do.”

The book is a rich encyclopedia on food, eating habits, nutrition, supplements, water and healing, with several easy to navigate reference tables such as the Glycemic Index of a large selection of foods. Don’t worry, once you get to that table you know what Glycemic means!

Grahi particularly speaks about lifestyle and dietary factors that will slow your rate of ageing. The most important seems to be lowering one’s calorific intake. The obvious question is how to do that without feeling hungry. And yes, he has answers.

He encourages the reader to take the responsibility to live healthily and so possibly reverse the process of aging. He explains complex matters in a simple way and after I read the book I was very inspired to implement several changes into my own food chain. The book is packed with information – too much to cite here – once I opened it I read it from cover to cover and have it close-by for any queries that might come up in daily life!

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