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BioResonance: Haridas explains the workings of a treatment with the Mora machine.

With some trepidation I am approaching Haridas’ retirement cottage in Magoulades, Corfu, because I am expecting to leave it with the knowledge that I might not be able (at least for quite some time) to enjoy things like tea, chocolate, coffee, ice-cream and maybe some more of those minor ‘sins’. The last time I consulted him was in Pune over twenty years ago, and at that time the verdict was: “No tomatoes!” and I was just leaving Pune to go and settle in Italy!

Many in the community here who have ‘undergone’ Haridas’ scrutiny (he still plugs in the machine from time to time to help out some ‘friends in need’) are now on a wheat-free and lactose-free diet, so much so that for our Saturday dinners we automatically prepare a version for those ‘unfortunate ones’. What will be my fate today?

Haridas and Punya

I noticed that many scientists and researchers get involved in projects which are related to an illness in the family. But in Haridas’ case his interest in health, and in particular in nutrition, came from his own longstanding, nameless and apparently untreatable belly-ache. He was given antibiotics of many sorts but nothing seemed to help (probably just made it worse). After the Ranch closed he moved to California where he met Narendra who turned him on to Kinesiology but it was only in Pune 2 when Dr. Azima showed up with a Mora machine, that he found his passion. As a trained electrical engineer it was the perfect toy, but he liked it also because he saw in this machine not only a tool for diagnosis (as he had found Kinesiology to be) but also a way for treatment.

The Mora Machine

To understand what this machine is all about we need to start from the very start: the cell. Although I know these things intellectually still tears well up when I hear Haridas say that our cells have a memory and that they react to things which have caused problems. When we bring certain elements (food, toxins, bacteria, metals – even in minimal dose) in proximity to the body it recognises the vibration and ‘shrieks’ in defense. It becomes alert and feels stressed.

The Mora machine is of the size of an old-fashioned video player, with a dial, keys with numeric digits like a calculator, and a display which shows the programme chosen. What the machine does is merely amplifying the waves given off by our cells in an auditory manner. A grumbling low ‘murk’ is heard when the energy is low (“not a happy sound!”) and a piercing squeak when the energy is high. After a while these sounds become like a new language, very easy to interpret. Unlike our mind, the body talks in a simple manner: ‘yes and no’, ‘good and bad’, ‘give me more’, ‘no, that is enough’.

To detect the subtle vibrations of the cells and its responses I hold in one hand a brass tube connected to the machine and, at the other end of the circuit, Haridas holds a stylo, with which he presses into the meridian points of my free hand or on one of my feet. This allows him not only to hear the general energy level of the body (or lack of it) and how the body reacts to substances but also to pinpoint quite accurately where the cause of any disturbance might be.

Then he pulls out a flat drawer with countless tiny bottles containing traces of food. He picks out the first of the ‘big poisons’ and, as expected, my body reacts to wheat and gluten – I can from now on, at least for some time, join my other Saturday friends with their special diet!

Mora machine

Wheat, Gluten & Dairy

Haridas leans over to me and with a quite charged voice explains:

“When I started to work with the Mora machine, which is now over twenty years ago, I would have maybe 3 people out of 10 who did not respond well to wheat and gluten. Now it is almost 100% and they react even to organic whole wheat! It does not mean that people’s bodies have changed but it is clear the wheat has. In the past there were many varieties of wheat. The farmer would have a selection of seeds, for winter wheat, for the summer harvest, and other seeds specifically for certain fields. After harvest he would keep part of the seeds for the next season.

“The seeds now have been bred so much to resist frost, diseases, pests and pesticides that they have become hybrids and are no longer a real grain. The seeds do not have enough energy to create new plants – so how can they nourish us? Each year new seeds need to be bought, together with the fertilisers and pesticides; they are offered to the farmer as a ‘package’. Spelt is still quite natural because it ‘does not like to be played with’. And now come the GM crops! Just imagine! So what we eat now is an entirely different wheat!

“Also in the past, during the preparation of the bread the dough used to rise much longer (sometimes over days). This allowed the yeast or specialised bacteria to break down the gluten. Now there is no longer time for that! Many in the West have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, although I know for sure that this is not possible, because the cause of coeliac disease is a virus which is only found in tropical countries. Only while staying in India have I detected two, and only two, people with this disease. All those (wrongly diagnosed) coeliacs have an inflammation of the lining of the intestines where the gluten, which acts like a glue, rips off time and again parts of the lining and does not let the intestines heal. (It has nothing to do with the glyadin which interferes with the receptors in the cilia, the cause of the coeliac disease.) These people do well to stay off gluten, but should also stay off buckwheat because, although it does not contain the (wrongly) dreaded glyadin, it is ‘sticky’ like the grains which contain gluten. These are: wheat, spelt, rye, barley, kamut and oats.

Then Haridas mentions number two of the ‘poisons’: milk and dairy products. “Humans do not have the enzymes to break down lactose from animal milk,” he says. “As babies we had enzymes to digest our mother’s milk but then the enzymes disappear at age 2 or 3. If you are healthy and strong you can make your body undergo the ‘luxury’ of an ice-cream, but when something is wrong with you, you do not want to give your body the additional stress which, in this case, is undigested lactose in your body. Many think that milk is necessary for our calcium and magnesium intake, but actually in milk these minerals are not in the right proportion for us. So we need to take them as supplements.”


Vitamin Deficiency & Heavy Metals

“We also have great deficiencies in vitamins. In the past you had vegetables fresh from your own garden or you would buy them on the market. When the vegetables were not fresh they would look old and you would not buy them, but now the vegetables are shipped in from foreign countries, refrigerated; they look fresh but in fact they might be weeks old. During this time the nutrients and vitamins have disappeared. That’s why we have to take vitamins in tablets, even vitamin C which we should get from the vegetables!

“And then the load of heavy metals we find in our bodies these days! In the past I would find a reaction to lead in people living in Germany, and copper in the USA.”

“Because of the water piping?” I ask.

“Yes, but now I find all the heavy metals. For instance, in the past I used to find mercury only in people with amalgam fillings, now it stresses everybody. Mercury is nowadays so much in our environment, in the air, in the water, that everybody is contaminated with it. It is even more heavy than lead, very dense. If you imagine that you use lead to protect yourself against X-rays, you can understand the effect it has when it is within your cells: the energy gets blocked.

“Another example is formaldehyde which is used in plywood, fabrics and cigarettes (we wrongly assume that it is banned, but it is still being used), chromium, aluminium, cadmium which is used in catalysator exhausts, arsenic used in industry, cigarettes and pesticides, chlorine, isopropyl alcohol which is in house-hold disinfectants, you name it. I recently was in Miami and a heavy metal came up when I tested someone. I had to look it up because it was new to me: it is a metal used in hybrid cars!”

Once again I become aware how delicate our bodies are, how the membranes, not just the ones of our cells in the interior of our body, but our skin and mucus membranes all are permeable to our environment, much more than I thought. The skin is not a barrier!


The Remedy

After having gone through four trays of elements and found out the ones my body is reacting to, Haridas connects them through the machine and sends the message to a little bottle which already bears my name on a cute pink label and I know that this will be my remedy to take with me after the session.

The Mora machine can be programmed in such a way that many of the disturbing memories can be neutralised by inverting the wave. Some time ago I heard of the invention of a hearing protection headset which ‘hears’ the outside noise and by simultaneously inverting the sound waves which are sent to the ear of the wearer, neutralises the sound and thus keeps the person in total silence. “Yes, this is exactly how it works,” Haridas said, happy to see that I had understood the concept.

Now that my body will no more be busy with reacting towards those ‘unpleasant nasties’ of the past; it will be able to heal what needs to be healed. My little bottle is now being sent the vibrations which will stimulate the healing of what my body can deal with. And Haridas adds, “No medicine can do the healing, only the body can do that, but we can give it a nudge.”

I walk away with the head full of new concepts, a list of things to take and not to take! and the little bottle with the potion. Actually, I was given another, even smaller, spray bottle which, every day, I will have to fill with drinking water and add a drop from the bigger bottle. Haridas had shown me how to spray the water into my mouth. It is now sitting here on my desk and whenever I remember I give myself a ‘spray’. Every time I spray I stimulate my immune system to work on my problem. I do not feel any difference when I do that, but this is only my first day in its company. Also it reminds me that my occasional tiredness might not have anything to do with living in a siesta-friendly country or with my advancing age but with the fact that my body is not ‘up to scratch’ and that something can be done about it!

I already had my first millet breakfast. My partner, Amiten, looked at it with suspicion while it was simmering in the pan (we even had to look up on the internet for how long to cook it!). Afterwards he says he already found some interesting millet recipes so that he would not have to cook separate meals….

In a few months’ time I will let you know how I am getting on… Hearing what others say is quite encouraging, so might as well stick to the rules without much fuss!



Haridas was one of the first Germans to meet Osho, in Bombay in 1972. He soon became the resident electrician in Osho’s house but he could also be seen regularly in the darshans as a guard. On the Ranch we saw him in charge of the bus drivers. In 1988 he discovered the Mora machine and, since then, he has given advice to countless people, even by mail. Now retired, he lives in Greece, Miami and Berlin. haridasonthego (at)

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