Crop Formations Keep on Cropping Up


Crop circles have fascinated the general public for decades. A quite mind-blowing accurate depiction of the planetary alignment on December 23, 2012 keeps us wondering…

Inexplicable images of crop circles started to appear frequently since the 1970s. Many of such crop formations (they are not always circular) are located in southern England and often positioned near ancient sites, such as Stonehenge. One study reported that nearly half the formations found in the UK in 2003 were located within a 15 km radius of Avebury in Wiltshire, home to the Avebury Ring, one of the oldest stone rings on the planet, even older than Stonhenge.

These formations are created by the flattening of growing crops – wheat, barley, or rye to name a few. How they keep popping up seemingly out of nowhere (they appear very fast, usually overnight) is still a mystery to be unveiled. Most people are convinced they have been created by aliens and the many other ideas posted widely on the net make one’s head spin! Quite possibly a source of energy comes into play that we are unfamiliar with – as of yet.

In any case, just looking at the intricate patterns makes it clear that this wasn’t made by two elderly gentlemen with a couple of broomsticks as some sources have insisted as being the absolute truth. Also, as more than 25 countries reported the appearance of approximately ten thousand crop circles in the last third of the 20th century, I can’t see how they possibly could have been the creators of all of them!

A specific image from 2008 discovered at Avebury Manor is now being widely disseminated and speculated upon. It shows our solar system in the precise manner of what we will see on that widely proclaimed day of December 23, 2012 when we look up into the sky. So how did that one happen? What are we being told? What are we to understand?

Look for yourselves:

Avebury Manor Comparison

Photo credit to Steve Alexander and Nyako Nakar

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