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A Danish documentary was presented on June 6, 2012, called ‘Free the Mind’ – on the effects of meditation or as the so-called new fashion word, mindfulness.

The documentary is based on Professor Richard Davidson’s work as one of the world’s leading neuroscientists. He is a professor with a passion for meditation research and has been meditating for the past 30 years himself, in the beginning of his career not so openly, though, as he puts it, “I was a closet meditator.”

In 1992 he met the Dalai Lama who encouraged Davidson to apply the same rigorous methods that we use to study depression and anxiety to compassion and kindness. Ever since then Davidson has been very public about his meditation practice and has opened a center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison called, ‘Center for Investigating Healthy Minds’.

This film was recorded at this center and the experiments are the virgin steps into the vast and unknown territory of the brain.  The documentary follows three test subjects on a daring journey into the deepest recesses of the human mind.

This is of course interesting science yet the approach is still about controlling the mind. What mindfulness really means:

When the mind disappears, thoughts disappear. It is not that you become mindLESS; on the contrary you become mindFUL. Buddha uses this word ‘right mindfulness’ millions of times. When the mind disappears and thoughts disappear you become mindful. You do things – you move, you work, you eat, you sleep, but you are always mindful. The mind is not there, but mindfulness is there. What is mindfulness? It is awareness. It is perfect awareness.”

Osho, And the Flowers Showered, Ch 11

Credit to Dhariya, Miasto

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