The Seven Ages of Men and Women


A woman never tells the truth about her age. I have told you that even on the point of a loaded gun you may perhaps become enlightened, but a woman will not reveal her age.

Osho joking

It is an old understanding that there are seven ages of man:

Sixteen to twenty-five… twice daily.
Twenty-five to thirty-five… thrice weekly.
Thirty-five to forty-five… try weekly.
Forty-five to fifty-five… try weakly.
Fifty-five to sixty-five… try oysters.
Sixty-five to seventy-five… try anything.
Seventy-five and beyond… try to remember.

And just like the man, there are seven ages of woman:

Sixteen to twenty-five, like Africa: partly virgin, partly explored.
Twenty-five to thirty-five, like India: hot and mysterious.
Thirty-five to forty-five, like Europe: devastated but interesting in parts.
Forty-five to fifty-five, like America: efficient but unconscious.
Fifty-five to sixty-five, like Russia: everybody knows where it is but nobody really wants to go there.
Sixty-five to seventy-five, like the UN: it functions, but nobody is interested.
Seventy-five and beyond, like Atlantis: lost and forgotten.

Osho, Om Shantih Shantih Shantih, Ch 26, Q 1

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