Mystic Poets


A track from Chinmaya and Sandeep Srivastav’s latest musical project ‘Mystic Poets’.

Many of the great mystics of India found their way to express the inexpressable through song. While we have their words, we can’t know what melodies they sang them to, so Sandeep Srivastav has composed melodies based on the Indian raga system, which would surely have been familiar to them. From an abundance of masters we have chosen Kabir, Meera, Buleh Shah, Sahajo, Amir Khusrow, Nanak and a great scholar, Tulsidas. We have selected parts of their poems to be sung on this CD.

I have set these melodies to chords, Western instrumentation and contemporary grooves with the help of Kavi, whose guitars set the basic flavour of each song.

Punya chose her favourite track:

Ram Taju

Sahajo (c1725-1800) Rajasthani female mystic




Ram taju pai Guru na bisaru. Guru ke sam hari ko na niharu

I may abandon Ram (God), but I can never forget my Guru
I do not see God with the same sense of gratitude as I do my Guru

Hari ne janm diyo jag maanhi. guru ne awagaman chhutaahi

God sent me into this world
But my Guru rid me of the vicious cycle of birth and death

Hari ne paanch chor diye saatha. guru ne lai chhuraye anatha

God sent five thieves (the five senses) to me
My Guru rescued me from their captivity


Sandeep Srivastav - Chinmaya Dunster

Arranged by Chinmaya Dunster and Sandeep Srivastav
Produced by Chinmaya Dunster
Vocals: Sandeep Srivastav and Gayatri Lalunwalkar
Guitars: Kavi
Tabla/Dholak: Shambhu Nath Bhattacharya
Flute and piano: Sangit Om
Sarod: Chinmaya Dunster
Vocals recorded by Lalit Kumar Kapil and Rajeev Purushotham at Katha-Ras Sound Studios, New Delhi, India

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