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Update 25th March 2013: Laya’s body was found late last night near the German city of Rottenburg am Neckar according to local police

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In the early morning of February 28th, a tenant living at Osho Ketan in Stuttgart, Germany, was concerned about the unusual quietness in the house. When she stepped into the center leader’s room she saw massive blood trails and fallen objects, clearly indicating a fight, and called the police. No weapons were found.

Osho Ketan Meditation Center
Osho Ketan Meditation Center in Stuttgart situated on ground floor of this building
Photo: Max Kovalenko

Since then there has been no trace of Laya, the 59 year-old center leader; police suspect she is the victim of a violent crime and is also searching for her car. One day later, the dead body of her partner Sitaro (who had moved in with Laya only 4 weeks ago) was found 200 km south, in Winterthur, Switzerland. According to a police spokesman he committed suicide and the Swiss forensic police is examining the vehicle. Apparently Sitaro, who was 46 years old, had a history of violent offenses and was a peace activist against ‘S 21’, a highly disputed controversial railway and urban development project in the framework of the Trans-European Networks.  It has been reported that also Laya took part in those demonstrations.

Latest reports reveal that Sitaro almost strangled Laya during a dispute about a year ago. She took him to court and he was not allowed to come near her. He went to India for a few months “to find himself” and upon return appeared a changed person. Laya offered him a second chance.

We don’t know more about Laya and Sitaro and what happened between them that night. We do know violence is a result of unawareness and as with all challenging situations we must bring awareness in to change negative and repressive behaviour.

A sannyasin said to Osho in darshan: I tried to kill my girlfriend a few nights ago, but you saved her. I am going through a lot of changes. Been fighting you… I never did what you told me to do –  any of the groups or meditation camp –  but I sure do love hanging out in your presence.

Osho speaks at length to this man and concludes:

“…I am not trying to impose anything on you. Even if I suggest “Do this,” that is just to help you to become unburdened. All these groups and all these meditations are not creating a structure for you; they are simply trying to destructure you so that you are again free, again naked, again like a child. Whatsoever the society has been doing to you, I am trying to undo it so that you can be yourself again. Then it is your life: then you move on your own…. But in the beginning everybody finds a little negative mood arising.

And when you start growing then all the repressed violence will come up, all the anger will come up; these are the problems. And they have to be thrown out – hence in the groups sometimes violence erupts.

Now, rather than following my suggestion, you tried to kill your girlfriend. That may not have happened at all if you had gone through some groups. Your violence would have been dissipated, and it would have been dissipated under guidance, under care. Now, it exploded on your girlfriend – with no guidance, with nobody caring. You could have killed her and then you would have repented your whole life; you could have killed her and you could have killed yourself too in it. Then you would have remained stuck with guilt. Then with no other woman would you have ever been able to connect really deeply. Forever you would have lived in a kind of loneliness. Even if you loved another woman you would have always remained afraid of yourself: you can do it again! This need not have happened if you had gone through a few groups.

People are so much against violence and ask why violence is allowed in Encounter or in Leela or in Primal Therapy. It is allowed because people are carrying it, and it is better to release it, cathart it, in a certain structured atmosphere, rather than letting it erupt in some moment of unawareness. Once it is released you are unburdened; once it is released you become more loving, more compassionate.

Osho, God’s Got a Thing About You, Ch 9


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Updates 21st March 2013: In essence, still no news about Laya

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