… left her body on 27th February.

Laya (Elfie Rose Hauser-Wacker) was born in 1953 in Germany. She was trained in Chakra Energy Work by Kabir Jaffee und Ritama Davidson, was also trained in leading Osho Meditation Centres and was a facilitator for Osho’s Meditative Therapies.

For many years she had been part of the management team of the Osho Ketan Meditation Centre in Stuttgart.

She died in a tragic violent incident which occurred on 28th February that involved her partner Sitaro, who took his life a day later. Her body was found on 24th March 2013.

The event was reported in: Tragedy at Osho Ketan in Stuttgart

Laya’s friends are going to give her a send-off celebration on 18th April at 12 noon in the “Friedwald” Schönbuch near Tübingen.


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Beloved Laya, you meant a lot to me, your aliveness, your catching energy and I never saw you tired. We met during the German Osho Centre meetings and became friends. Your death – it leaves me speechless. Thinking about you,

Laya, I will miss you. When we were doing the meditation days in Osho Ketan there was such a loving spirit around. Only a few people, but it was carefully prepared, with so much energy and attention. Like this I remember Laya. It was in different situations the same spirit of love, attention and humour. Thank you!
Veet Sandeh

I have fond memories of you of the days spent in Goa. Your smile and loving ways will be treasured always. May you enjoy eternal bliss.

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