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Sahaja writes about her experiences and motivation to organize the visit of a Croatian man called Braco to Australia.

Over the years, many people worldwide have experienced positive improvements and shifts in their lives, physically, emotionally, spiritually by gazing into the eyes of Braco (pronounced Brahtsoh; meaning ‘little brother’ in Croatian).

They do this in his physical presence at events primarily in Europe and the United States, through live streaming on the internet or even from watching one of the 90 documentary films about his life or on a YouTube upload.

Hundreds of thousands of people have seen Braco. Recently, he received the Peace Pole symbol at a special United Nations community event in NYC in recognition of his 18-year commitment to helping people throughout the world and for the potential influence of his work upon the peace movement. People from Europe, Israel, Japan and the U.S. have attended group gazing sessions, and through live streaming people from Africa, Asia, Australia and South America, even Antarctica, have encountered Braco’s silent gaze: this gaze that many people feel is uplifting and life transforming.

I had an incredible spontaneous disappearance of arthritis (bad) in my toes that prevented me from walking without severe pain for nearly 6 months. I had been watching a DVD of Braco, got off the sofa and noticed the pain completely gone. I just dismissed it with a laugh, feeling this was just a placebo, wishful thinking and the results wouldn’t last long. However, after a few days of being totally pain free I checked it out with a long walk – no pain; this got my attention and my partner and I travelled to America to see him.

Braco humbly refuses to accept any credit for the transformation people report and clearly states that it is not “he” who is helping those that come to him, but rather, that which comes through him – through his eyes – that decides, who, when and how they will be helped. He does not promise any help or cure, and a gazing session with Braco isn’t designed to replace any medical help or therapies already in place. The only prerequisite is that nobody under the age of 18 or women pregnant past their first trimester can be in the gaze, although people can hold their photographs. Astonishingly, people whose pictures have been held up in a gazing session (or held in consciousness) report similar benefits often without even knowing their picture was being held.

The event in Perth will be held at the South Perth Community Hall on June 7, 8 and 9, offering nine sessions a day and holding 300 people per session, each of which lasts 30-35 minutes including an introduction, a short video clip followed by the gaze, concluding with one or two sharings. Braco has placed an importance on sharing the spark that gets ignited and that many sparks together can create a fire to warm our hearts.

I feel it will be of interest to many who have had some life challenges to come and experience what is possible – and also meet up with so many old sannyas friends in Western Australia! There are many coming from the eastern states in Australia and some coming from America also. Some people will come for a few sessions, others will see it as a retreat and spend all three days. Each person will sense what is right for them.

For more information about Braco, to purchase tickets for this and other upcoming events please see

Sahaja TNAmerican-born Dhyan Sahaja took sannyas in 1980 and is the founder of ‘The Great Life’, teaching macrobiotic cooking for 18 years, and nutritional counseling and Journey work. Her healing journey began after dengue fever in India 20 years ago left her with serious CFS and ultimately a breast tumor. Having adopted a macrobiotic approach to life and applying body/mind cellular healing work through The Journey work of Brandon Bays, she continues to find new levels of health and vitality. She lives in Perth, West Australia, with her beloved, Ratnakar (aka Franco) and her groodle, Reuben.

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