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Antar Mark examines the statistics and wonders about some of the countries’ numbers

On the website Social Bakers we can find all kinds of statistic information about the page for Osho on Facebook.

On Social Bakers we see a list with 45 countries and the number of Facebook ‘Likes’ for Osho.

The total is, as you can see, more than 900.000, but did you ever wonder where they all come from? (click on ‘View Full List of Fan Distribution’)

India is on top with estimated 150.000, followed by the US with 88.000. That’s in line with expectations, but Iran with 25.000 tops Spain? Romania has more Osho ‘Likes’ than Great Britain?

The United Arab Emirates enjoys the Osho Facebook page more than the whole of Russia? What could be the reason behind these facts?

Interesting stuff!

Have a look for yourself: socialbakers.com
The Facebook Page: facebook.com/osho.international

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social bakers

Marc TNAntar Marc was born in Holland and took sannyas in 1983. He is an educated artist and has lived in the Osho communes of Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Rajneeshpuram and Poona. He studied Human Resources Management and since 1999 is a coach and lecturer for Management and Organizations at the European Fashion Business School. He lives with his beloved wife Prem Rana in Holland.

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