You ask me about sex

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (42)


Your letter has arrived.
You ask me about sex.
That energy too belongs to God
and through meditation it too can be transformed.

Osho Letter 42

No energy is bad but there can, of course,
be wrong use of energy.
When sex energy flows upwards
it turns into brahmacharya.
It is good that you are becoming detached from it
but that isn’t enough.
You have to go through it to transform it,
rejection just leaves you arid and dry!

It is true you are not alone in your sex life
but sex is not essentially of the body at all
but a modification of the mind.
If the mind is completely transformed
it affects the other person too,
and one who is related so intimately
is quickly affected.

Until we meet, keep in mind that:
there should be no calculated ill-will towards sex –
cultivated detachment is useless.

Stay aware whilst making love,
be a witness in this situation;
if one can stay in a state of meditation
and right-mindfulness
then the sex energy can be successfully transformed.

We shall talk more about this when we meet.
Brahmacharya is a complete science in itself
and many doors to bliss open on that path.

Still, the very first thing is
a friendly attitude towards all one’s energies.
Enmity towards them does not lead to spiritual revolution
but to self-destruction.

Give my regards to all there.
You are not coming to Poona – I shall miss you.

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