It Functions Both Ways

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The work consists of two things:

I have to help people to become sannyasins – seeing their possibilities, potentialities, hoping for them; but when I see that a person is impossible, that the more I give to him the less he receives, the more I give to him the more closed he becomes – as if he is obliging me… When this feeling becomes settled – and it is not that I take a hasty decision about it, I give all the opportunities and occasions for the person; but if it is impossible, then it is impossible – then I withdraw myself from his being. Once I have withdrawn, sooner or later he will have to drop sannyas.

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It functions both ways. The moment you take sannyas, you think YOU are taking sannyas. In the majority of cases I have chosen you – that’s why you take sannyas. Otherwise you would not have been able to take such a risk. And it also works the second way: when you drop sannyas, I have chosen you and I help you to drop it, because left to yourself you may go on postponing for your whole life. When you take sannyas, then you postpone for a long, long time. When you want to drop it, then too you postpone for a long, long time. You cannot do anything immediately. You cannot live the moment in its totality.

And this too I have felt: once you have left sannyas there is a possibility you may come back – because then you will miss me, and then you will understand what was being showered on you. Then you will miss the nourishment, then you will miss the contact. When you are getting it you start taking it for granted. Sometimes it is good to take it away so real thirst and an appetite arises in you and you start seeing.

But next time, when you come for sannyas, it is not going to be that easy. I will not initiate you so easily. Then you will have to earn it. Once you drop sannyas, coming back is going to be difficult. I will create all kinds of barriers. Unless you transcend those barriers you will not be accepted again.

That too is to help you, because there are people who can enjoy things only if they are difficult. If things are very simple and easy they cannot enjoy them. They need long, hard, arduous ways.

Sannyas is a simple phenomenon because the whole foundation of it is to relax and live in Tao, relax and let God take care of you. It has to be very simple; it is simple, but your mind understands difficult things more easily. If you have barriers to cross you become challenged. When Hillary reached the Everest peak, do you know what he said? He was asked, “Why? Why did you take such a risk? – because there is nothing. You went there and you came back; there is nothing to get! Why did you take such a risk? And many people have died before: for almost seventy years people have been trying to reach Everest.”

And do you know what Hillary said? He said, “It was such a challenge! Just the presence of Everest, unconquered, was a great challenge. It had to be conquered! There is nothing, I know, but that is not the point. Unconquered, and Everest is standing there, proud? Man has to conquer it!”

This is how man’s mind functions.

So next time when a person comes back – and many want to come back – then it is going to be difficult. Then I am going to create all kinds of difficulties for you, for your sake. That too is a help for you.

Osho, The Secret of Secrets. Vol 2, Ch 12, Q 4 (excerpt)

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