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An article by Pratiskha on hypnosis and meditation.

The Speaking Tree‘, 30th June 2013, New Delhi, India.

Through her art, Pratiksha Apurv shows us how the Divine light permeates the layers of consciousness within.

For a meditator the biggest challenge is attaining sakshi bhav, a state where the seeker can clear the head of a cloud of thoughts. One must have experienced the distraction while sitting silently in meditation. The thoughts and the observer, both are one in this situation, thus making the journey to spiritual bliss not just difficult but arduous. This is because we have always ignored the unconsciousness to such an extent that we don’t even know its existence and the fact that it plays an important role in our daily lives.

Beyond Psychology 1, Oil on Canvas 2011
Beyond Psychology 1, Oil on Canvas 2011
Sow The Seed

Our effort of removing thoughts without acknowledging the existence of the unconsciousness becomes a futile exercise hampering spiritual growth. First of all, we have to accept the existence of unconsciousness and its deep connection with consciousness. In other words, unconsciousness is the soil where you need to sow the seed for flowering in consciousness. We all are conscious, the word often used to describe our decision. What we don’t know is that a particular decision is rooted in action that emanates from the unconsciousness. There has to be a meeting point of consciousness and unconsciousness for implementation of that decision in practical terms, for flowering and to separate the thoughts from the observer, making the spiritual journey a blissful one.

The only way to discover the vast galaxy of unconsciousness is through hypnosis, something we know very little of. Hypnosis is the tool for seekers to reach the unconscious layer that is controlling the functions of the conscious layer. The two are connected — the seeds sown in the layer of unconscious soil, flowers in the conscious layer, our existing state. Hypnosis is not meditation; it is just a tool that helps you to meditate and takes you deeper into your path. It plays the role of a coordinator by establishing the harmonious balance between thoughts coming from the unconscious and action triggered by the conscious to remove the distraction.

If you find it difficult to meditate, then first go through hypnosis so that you get deep into the unconscious and that makes you understand that meditation is a simple thing and you are perfectly capable of doing it. Hypnosis can create that conviction in your life. And then, sitting silently, you will simply go into meditation without any difficulty as the whole unconscious will be supporting it and there will be no distraction.

There is nothing technical about hypnosis which is a significant part of our daily life. All you have to do is to develop trust in this therapy which ensures spiritual growth. Whenever you feel that thoughts have erected barriers in your path and attaining the observer status — where thoughts and observer become two different entities — this therapy can provide a solution by taking you into the unconsciousness galaxy and facilitating relevant changes that would be visible in your conscious. It is the only way of segregating the cloud of thoughts from the observer.

The meeting ground for the consciousness and unconsciousness is important and any visible change is possible only when the two are communicating or a connection between the two is established. In our normal life this is not happening, because both are separate and there is no meeting ground. Hypnosis is the only scientific tool that is capable of preparing a meeting of the two. Once you reach the collective consciousness, the dive in cosmic unconscious will be another step. True hypnosis will happen the moment you dive into the cosmic unconscious and establish the connection. You will undergo a complete mutation.

Hypnosis Helps

The hypnotist is only a guide to awaken you to your own power. This power can do tremendous work and can be used for many things: healing, making one live longer, medical, psychotherapeutic uses, military uses, for self-improvement, entertainment, forensics, sports, education, physical therapy, to heal irritable bowel syndrome, rehabilitation and in changing ones harmful habits, smoking and drinking. Hypnotic methods have been used to re-experience drug states and mystical experiences. It has been used as an aid or alternative to chemical anaesthesia and it has been studied as a way to soothe skin ailments

I have shown consciousness through the outer layer of my painting. The next layer is of the unconscious and the third one is of the collective unconscious. And finally, the darkest one in the centre is the cosmic unconscious layer. Before entering the layers of consciousness, the rays appear in various colours but the moment they permeate into the various layers of consciousness, all the colours turn grey.

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