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Review by Bhagawati of Max Brecher’s revised and updated book.

a passage to americaThis is an alarming book, which has been communicating an important message since its initial publication in January 1993.

From all the evidence shown it is abundantly clear that there were numerous governmental and civic conspiracies against Osho and Rajneeshpuram from the very beginning. And things could have ended very differently – like Waco, for example – had it not been for the “inspired” flight of Osho out of the ring of fire that had surrounded the commune and was quickly closing in. Then came the bizarre Alford Plea: a duckbill platypus so-called legal construction in which the defendant asserts his innocence while admitting that the prosecution could have proven its case against him.

So why the admission of wink wink, nudge nudge guilt in the first place? Because back then, in real time, the forces amassed against both Osho and the commune were so huge and heavy breathing that they were never going to give in and up. So if the government had lost the trumped- and blown-up “immigration conspiracy” case in a fair and open court – which all evidence proves they would have – they would have come back with another. And another. Until either victory could be claimed or, a more likely scenario, the financial back and will of the defense was broken.

According to Max Brecher, these are not conspiracy theories or a whole slew of them stapled together. For conspiracy theories are just that. Theories. Unless, of course, it’s the government or some other “official” body dreaming them up. Conspiracy theories are the lumping and dumping of random speculations, often quite far-fetched and even paranoid, with very little evidence to back them up. Or none at all. That is something Max Brecher has steadfastly refused to do. His whole methodology, it seems, is based on facts and more facts, conjoined with on-the-ground interviews, archival research and an intelligent and credible reconstruction of what happened.

And that is just one of its major strengths.

Regrettably, A Passage to America has up until now been communicating these potentially earth shaking messages only to a small, but select audience. Because mainstream publishers and the media have effectively blacked and blocked it out. Why? Because they ignore for the most almost everything that doesn’t fit into their version of what’s interesting and news. Items like Osho, which rock their boats and tip over their precariously balanced apple carts.

But sometimes even they can’t ignore stories clamoring to be told and heard. Like the spectacular and on edge of your seats case of Edward Snowden and the flood of documented revelations of across the board spying. Not only on the part of “yes, we can” big government, but also big business. Your friendly hi-tech giants: “do no evil” Google, not at all monopolistic Microsoft, just smile Skype, and “what’s on your mind?” Facebook.

We are now witnessing breaking and entering on a biblical scale into what’s left of our individual privacy.

And here’s where those two tales – Osho and Snowden – intersect. In fact, have a mid-air collision over Europe. Because even after being hounded out of the US, Osho was chased around the globe. The US used its unprecedented power and influence to either persuade or strong arm countries into not letting his private planes land or even use their air space. What paranoia!

Back then it all happened in the dark and behind closed doors – down the non-Wikileaked diplomatic channels and much of this is detailed and documented in this book (Ch 11, ‘In Spain, Mainly on the Plane’). But now it’s happening en plein jour, for the entire world to see.

A Passage to America is at times a painful read, especially for those who care passionately for Osho, truth and justice, and stop to consider all the love, effort and money that went into Rajneeshpuram and what might have happened if it had been allowed to run its natural course and succeed. Not only for itself, but the rest of the world as well.

But it is a necessary, already classic read for all those even mildly interested in this still relatively dark period. Even for those who were there and think they already know what happened. Why? For the sheer number of new facts dug up and disclosed and because they are the thing, not wide eyed suspicions – that is, convictions about CIA involvement in this and UFO “conspiracy theories” that.

Any of our readers who are already familiar with the first edition of this book please be aware that this edition has been totally revised and includes a completely new chapter (13).

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Max22Max Brecher is a communications specialist living in Portugal. Besides  A Passage to America, he is the author of 9 more books. maxbrechersbookstobuy.com

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