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Dharm Jyoti selected these excerpts from the unique recollections of her life with Osho from the book, ‘One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas’


Osho has already resigned from the university as a professor. He is travelling around India conducting meditation camps and giving public discourses on open grounds to fifteen to twenty thousand people at a time. He is very fiery. He is roaring fearlessly like a lion, uprooting everything traditional in India. Bombay has become His main centre of work, though He is still staying in Jabalpur. On many occasions He is travelling by train from Jabalpur to Bombay and staying there as a guest in some friend’s home till He gets connecting flights for His destination. He is travelling the same way while going back to Jabalpur. Bombay friends are fortunate to meet Him very often.

Most of the time Osho was travelling alone before I met Him. After meeting Him, I never wanted to miss any opportunity of being with Him, and He allowed it. It is such a blessing to be around Him and take care of His physical needs. How He responds to the different situations clearly shows His love and compassion towards existence.

The way He sits on the chair, as if the chair is a living being and he doesn’t want to hurt it, and when He gets up he looks at the chair with gratitude for making Him comfortable.

Just walking, He walks so gently and gracefully, as if not to hurt the earth under His feet. He eats with such gratitude, which is so apparent in His eyes when He looks at the food. What to say about plants, animals and human beings? He is never in favour of pruning the plants, unless it is needed for their growth. He has to stop talking to friends in His garden because they start plucking the lawn while sitting there. Osho is against picking the flowers too.

Once I hear Him say, “You love your children – you don’t remove their heads. If you really love flowers you will never pick them. You murder them by picking them – it is a kind of violence towards flowers. Enjoy the beauty from a distance, but don’t try to possess it.”

At another occasion, He is looking out from the window towards the fields – it is evening time. Far away a man is shouting and hitting a cow with a stick. Osho says, “Look at that stupid man! The cow is going by herself, he is unnecessarily torturing her.” I can feel His compassion for the cow. I feel Him like a heavy cloud, full of water, showering His love on all those who come in contact with Him.

In one of the discourses I hear Him say, “I am a gardener: I go on throwing seeds all around, without even looking where they are landing. I have in abundance. When the right season comes, some of them will sprout and will become huge trees, full of flowers, spreading their fragrance and giving shadow to whoever passes under them.”


We have come to V.T. station with Osho, who is leaving for Jabalpur. It is a hot summer afternoon. It is 1969. I am standing behind Him, watching how His perspiration is running like a little stream of water from the middle of His back down to His waist. He is wearing a white lunghi and a shawl wrapped around the upper part of His body: His back is half naked. He is standing with all His beauty and grace like a lion amongst the crowd of sheep who have fallen in love with Him!

The train is about to leave, yet His luggage has not arrived: it was put in another car. We become worried. He is leaving to conduct a meditation camp, and I start wondering how He will manage there without His clothes. Suddenly He turns back and looks at me. I feel ashamed to disturb Him with my doubting mind–He just smiles at me. His trusting, shining eyes are still floating in the air before me as I write. I relax and remember His words, “Trust existence.”

The guard blows his whistle again, and Osho gets in the train without His luggage. He stands at the door and looks at everyone with His mischievous smile. Somewhere in my heart I know that the train will not leave till His luggage arrives. We are all waiting there, holding our breath, to see what happens next. How unconsciously we are behaving in the presence of our enlightened master. But His compassion is infinite: He has accepted us as we are and never gives us the feeling of being ignorant or unconscious.

Very slowly the train starts, and to our great surprise we see Ishwarbhai’s driver come running with His suitcase, and pushing everyone aside, he reaches His compartment, and places the suitcase behind Osho, who is still standing at the door to say one more time “Good-bye” to us.

The train pulls out. My heart sinks into silence. I close my eyes and sit at the bench nearby. One of the friends comes and shakes me saying, “Let us go.” I open my eyes and wonder where to go: my heart has already gone with Him. I want to shout to the world, “Here is a Buddha again living among us!”


Osho is staying in Sohan’s house in Poona and giving discourses at “Sanghvi Tiffin Factory” ground which is quite a distance from Sohan’s. This evening it is time to leave for discourse but the driver has not come. We wait for about five minutes and then Osho, looking at His watch says, “It is getting late – let us go.” Before anyone can say anything, He opens the front door and sits in the driver’s seat and starts the car. Sohan and I look at each other in wonder. I open the front door and tell Sohan to sit next to Him and I sit in the back seat. He is driving very fast, and we are sitting there holding our breath. There are so many turns on the way, I wonder if He knows the way.

To my surprise, in a few minutes we reach our destination. Friends who are waiting there to receive Him come near and open the back door. I come out and they ask me, “Where is Osho?”

In the meantime, Osho has opened the front door Himself and has started walking towards the podium. I just point towards Him with my finger and I look at my watch: we have arrived two minutes early. Osho never likes to be late for discourse. What a master! Living in timelessness and always on time! Osho, your compassion is infinite. Your love and care for fellow travellers can’t be expressed in words. Only those love tasted it will understand.


We have returned to Ahmedabad after a meditation camp at Mount Abu, where Osho introduced dynamic meditation in the morning.

He is curious to know the people’s opinions about dynamic meditation. When I tell Him that some friends were saying that you are loosening the screws of their brain, He laughs and says, “No, I am not interested in loosening the screws, they will tighten them again. I am trying to get the screws out of their brain because they are not needed there.” Then He speaks about twenty minutes explaining that the whole process of dynamic meditation is to dehypnotize the conditioned mind of man. He further says: “Dynamic meditation is a jet speed method. One hour daily for three months is enough to cleanse the whole rubbish.”

Excerpts from Dharm Jyoti’s book, ‘One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas’

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Review by Bhagawati One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas

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Jyoti-s1Dharm Jyoti is one of Osho’s earliest disciples and has lived most of her life since then with Osho. She has been translating and editing Osho books from his discourses. She is based in New Delhi and travels regularly to conduct meditation camps in Russia, Denmark, Germany and in different parts of the USA. She has been leading the essential meditative therapies Mystic Rose, No-Mind and Born Again.

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