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Review of Whosoever’s second book by Manoj Khatri.

Osho is not a personBy writing a review of this book, I am attempting something difficult. After all, how can you review a book that shatters every concept of your ‘self’, destroys your identity, and even wipes out your views and opinions?

Despite the title, this book is not about the spiritual master Osho. It is about the eternal fragrance of universal consciousness, which enlightened masters such as Osho personify, and which the author now seems to embody.

Born Harish Chander and rechristened Swami Chaitanya Bharti by Osho himself, the author spontaneously started signing off as ‘whosoever’, feeling that the need for a name or an identity didn’t exist anymore. And in line with his own experience, the author eggs us to find this space where we can lose our identification with our transient or ‘false’ self and embrace the wordless.

The book is actually a rare collection of letters written by seekers from around the world and the author’s responses to them. The ideas contained in the responses are profound, and even earth-shattering. And yet they are equally gentle and loving. Often you will find yourself in a reverie of sorts, reflecting on the deep wisdom that can come from someone who’s achieved a different level of awareness. Sometimes, the responses hit you like a tornado.

At others times, they come like a soft, gentle breeze that caresses your being even as you feel like a white cloud, drifting away merrily.

What is striking is the way Whosoever deals with the letters. He responds to every thought expressed by the letter writer, sometimes responding to every line, and in doing so, shows the seeker the mirror. This elaborate way of replying points to the vast amount of patience and compassion that Whosoever has towards the seekers. That he has an uncanny insight into the seeker’s real issues is evident from the way he cuts through the superficial meaning of the words and dives into the core. I suspect that in many cases, even the seeker doesn’t know what he or she was really trying to say, until Whosoever points it out.

I found beauty in the gentle yet firm compassion that oozes out of every sentence of Whosoever. Although some letters are interconnected, the book need not be read chronologically. In fact, I found that any random response would get me hooked on – because the way the answers are expressed makes one think.

If you are a follower of Osho’s teachings, you will find that many of the thoughts featured in the book resonate. Even then, Whosoever’s words bring a beautiful freshness to the indescribable wisdom of the Universe.

Manoj Khatri – previously published in ‘Complete Wellbeing’, August 2013

whosoeverSwami Chaitanya Bharti (addressed as whosoever) is recognised as a spiritual teacher in his own right and was initiated into sannyas by Osho in 1970.  He was Osho’s first official photographer and appointed by Osho to facilitate meditation retreats since 1974. In 1990 Whosoever declared his awakening and founded Osho Dhyan Leela Foundation to spread the teachings of his beloved master Osho. He resides in Karnataka, South India, conducts 40-day meditation retreats and guides seekers from around the world. Osho Dhyan Leela

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