Biontology Shows Inner Light

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Christina Sari reports in Natural Society on December 20, 2013 that with the help of a new science light stored in our DNA can be measured and show our probable state of well-being.

This new science is called Biontology and according to scientists “such as Alfred Fritz-Popp and Pjotr Garjajev, along with physicists who have studied medicine like Johan Boswinkle, biophotons are the ‘light’ we exude from our own bodies at very weak levels which are just beyond the visible spectrum. They are in fact, the sub-quark level organizing force of all life – animal, plant and human alike. They precede any biochemical reaction in the body.

“In the classic models of chemistry and physics, light is emitted when an electron is “excited” to a higher energy state and then falls back down to a lower energy state, which occurs any time a chemical reaction takes place. Traditionally, biology and medicine have focused on the biochemical reactions between proteins, DNA, and other molecules within cells. However, a biophoton is always emitted before every biochemical reaction.

“One device that has come from Biontology science, a biophotonic scanner, has already proven to be very helpful. The scanner is essentially a way to measure your DNA’s own light, and can determine your future health. By sending a laser into your palm, the device measures carotenoid pigments in your cells. The laser can determine if you are eating as you should, or your lifestyle is supporting your overall good health. This is one of the earliest main-stream medical uses for the scanner, but there are edgier ways that the science of biophotons can help us.


“There are other studies conducted recently by scientists that have shown that human beings are ‘light beings.’ Scientists have been able to utilize this knowledge for practical purposes, and have even been able to alter the neuro-communication in the brains of rats utilizing biophotonic energy and make the red blood cells of human’s healthier. There are multiple possible uses for this technology, including raising healthier agriculture and even keeping foods fresh longer without having to resort to the use of antibiotics and preservatives. Most importantly, we can repair our own cells, which have been damaged by poor diet, a toxic environment and a polluted food supply.

The science is newly emerging and quite different than anything we are used to, but perhaps it will grow with success and prove useful as time passes.”

Osho speaks about visible light within, which he defines as sourceless light:

Understand one or two points. We have not yet seen light. You may well reply, “What do you mean, we have not seen light? We do see light. We see light when the sun rises in the morning. We see light at night when the moon shines and there is moonlight everywhere.”

No, I repeat, you have not seen light yet. You have seen only lighted things. When the sun rises you see lighted things – mountains, rivers, streams, trees, people. The electric bulbs are giving you light now. You will say, “We see light.” But no, you do not see light. You see the electric bulb shining. You see the people standing in its light. You see objects, not light. It is not possible to have any experience of light in the world outside. Only illuminated objects are seen, and when they are not seen we say it is dark. When is there darkness in this hall? When nothing can be seen in the hall we say there is darkness, and when objects are visible we say there is light.

Light is
visible within
because there is
no object inside
which can be

We have not seen light directly. If there was not a single object in this hall you would be unable to see the light. Light hits an object; the shape of the object is seen and you think you are seeing light. If the object is seen very clearly you say there is much light, if it is not very clear you say the light is insufficient, and if it is not seen at all you say there is darkness. If you cannot make out anything of shapes and objects you say it is pitch dark. But you have seen neither light nor darkness. It is our conjecture only that there is light whenever we can see objects. In fact, light itself is such a minute energy that it cannot be seen outside. Light is visible within because there is no object inside which can be illuminated.

There are no inner objects which can be illuminated and seen by us, so when we experience light within, it is pure light, it is immediate, it is without any medium. We see two things outside – the lighted object and the source of light; and the light which is between these two is never seen by us. The sun is seen or the electric bulb is seen, and the objects illuminated here are seen; but the light between the two is not visible.

When light is seen within there are no objects, nor is there any source – it is sourceless light. There is no sun from which light is shining out. There is no lamp emitting light. There is only sourceless light. When light is first seen in that objectless world, then Kabir, Mohammed, the Sufi mystics, the Baul mystics, the Jaina mystics, begin to dance, declaring what we call light to be only darkness.

Osho, The Heartbeat of the Absolute, Ch 16, excerpt, translation from Hindi

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