The Written Word is almost Hypnotic


That is part of the human mind: anything written and people believe it.

The written or the printed word has a hypnotic power over people. I say something: if it goes against your scripture you come immediately to me to say that it is not written in the Bible – as if just by writing something it becomes true. If it is not written in the Bible, so what? So it is not written in the Bible! Improve upon the Bible – write it. At least you can write it in your own copy.

But people believe the written word very much; it is almost hypnotic. That’s why you can go on believing even stupid newspapers, because a printed thing, a written thing? – then it must be true. All kinds of falsities and lies go on being circulated.

Just the other day I was reading one German newspaper. It says I have two wives, one Indian, one Western. Looks very relevant… because that’s why I say “the meeting of the East and the West”! And the more amazing thing is that the picture that he has chosen to show of my two wives – one of them is Shiva! Shiva has long hairs; he is standing with his back towards the camera, so he is my Indian wife! It is really nice of these people….

Osho and Nirvano

The other newspaper I was reading has written that I fly in a helicopter. I liked it. I never leave my room… and I fly in helicopters? True, I fly, but I fly without helicopters! And even a greater discovery is there – that I eat only eggs, meat, lobsters, and nothing else! Now millions of people in Germany will believe it: a written thing is a written thing after all.

Another newspaper has a report that the reporter came to the ashram early in the morning, at five-thirty. He knocked on the door. A naked, utterly beautiful woman opened the door, hugged him, welcomed him, “Come in,” plucked a fruit from this tree – looked like an apple – gave the fruit to the reporter, and told the reporter, “Eat it. It rejuvenates sexual energy.”

And you will be surprised – letters have started arriving. One man writes from Austria: “I am sixty and I have a young wife. Please, Osho, be kind to me. I can come to India. I have heard that in India things like that happen. Can you give me that fruit?”

It is believed, and all kinds of rubbish, all kinds of falsities and lies go on being written. And many believe.

Satyananda wrote from Germany – now he has come – he wrote from Germany that “So many lies are being printed in German newspapers. In Germany it is almost a Rajneesh wave.” He wrote a letter to make us aware that many kinds of sexual maniacs and perverts will reach, “So be alert, because many are preparing.” If such fruits are there, and such a commune exists where all is permitted, where all people live in nudity – all you people are sitting nude, remember! – where clothes are not allowed… These reports are being published, and many will believe. That’s how people believe.

But I am happy. Let them come, for any reason. Then we will see! I have even written to this old man, “You come! Fruit or no fruit, but you come!” Who knows? Doing Dynamic, Kundalini, he may go beyond sex. That is a possibility.

Osho, The Secret, Ch 11 (excerpt)

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