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Video showing how European borders change over 1000 years.

From the “Centennia Historical Atlas”… created and developed by Centennia Software, Conanicut Island USA. Frank E. Reed, software developer and cartographer. All rights reserved. Please note that the copyright to all maps and animations in the “Centennia Historical Atlas” are held by Centennia Software.

Credit to Ati via Facebook

My message is that we have to create a world without the boundary of nations, without the boundary of religions. Only then we will be, for the first time, civilized. Otherwise we are carrying the barbarous past in beautiful garbs. My effort will be to expose our barbarousness – in nationalism, in different groups calling them religions, in different political ideologies creating hopes for man for an utopia.

And these things they have been doing for thousands of years, and nothing materializes. It is time that we drop all the boundaries, all the distinctions of color and race, and bring the whole humanity as one undivided whole. That will be the beginning of civilization. So my whole effort is to expose all hypocrisy, and to bring to people’s mind how we have been deceived and how we are deceiving ourselves.

If it can be explained to people directly, I trust immensely in the hidden intelligence of humanity. They will drop all this because… if they can be shown the relationship between the national boundaries, religious boundaries — that they have been nothing but destructive, murderous, creating more and more wars. They are still doing the same, and perhaps this time they may destroy the whole life on the earth…

Unless we stop all these limits, which make us behave with other human beings in such an ugly way, there is not much hope. The only hope is that we can convince the new generation, to get out of the prisons of nations, religions, political ideologies, and create one world, one earth, one humanity.

Osho, The Last Testament, Vol 6

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