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Chetna reviews Svagito’s newly published compilation of essays written by Osho Therapists.

Osho Therapy book coverOsho therapy is unlike any other in that the lives of those practicing it have been touched by an enlightened mystic.

The twenty-one contributors to Svagito’s book have all spent many years in the presence of Osho, meditating, working on themselves, and sitting with him, and it is qualities arising from this contact that infuses their work. Therapy with an added ingredient, taking it out of the mainstream and enriching its participants beyond measure by paving the way for meditation.

Reading this compilation I laughed, cried, and was touched by every one of these stories. This is not a how-to manual, although techniques are talked about at length, and it is fascinating to read from those who devised them what led to their creation. These people have done the spade work. Some, like Svagito himself, arrived at Osho Commune already qualified in their chosen field; others were given groups to run by Osho in which they had little or no experience, all display a humanity, a willingness to go deeper, and a deep trust in the Master. Being part of Osho’s “experiment to provoke God” is, as we know, a life-changing experience. It takes guts to take responsibility.

In answer to a question about what to share with sannyasins giving different healing sessions and trainings, Osho has this to say:

Every form of treatment has equal value and potentials. What is important is that whatever they are sharing that they put their total energy and love into it.”

In another chapter a therapist states; “The moment we see that we are not alone with our problems we open ourselves and create a loving atmosphere of togetherness.” It is this energy and love that shines through all these stories, this feeling of togetherness, of being totally there with group participants, of empathy and compassion. Although we can never know what it feels like inside someone else’s head, inside their body, we can all remember hearing someone tell their story and thinking how we know that feeling.

“Osho’s presence, his energy field, was – and still is – mystical and transformative. Meditation happens spontaneously, bringing with it moments of ‘no mind’ and clarity. This, in turn, supports the process of helping participants see through difficult issues that have for years been saboteurs and barriers to a life of fulfillment.”

Unsurprisingly, the book is permeated by Osho’s presence. All the contributors write with tremendous sincerity about their own journey with him, and in his excellent introduction Svagito describes Osho therapy as a way of working with people, where the core aspect is meditation. These people are all well-known to us in the sannyas world. “Gratitude nourishes and liberates.” Their lives with Osho, their meditation, their expertise, openness and innocence, all speak of tremendous gratitude, and mirror the common link between them.

These stories are rich and varied, their authors aware that “The art of living consciously, connected to the present moment, is considered as the best way to live a real, authentic and fulfilled life.”


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Read Svagito’s Introduction to the book

List of contributors:

Osho Therapy contributors

1 Anando (Self Love)
2 Anubuddha (Conscious Touch)
3 Shunyo (Osho’s Meditation Methods)
4 Leela (Osho’s Meditative Therapies)
5 Tarika (Conditioning and Counseling)
6 Pratibha (Voicing)
7 Aneesha (Pulsation)
8 Moumina (BodyTypes)
9 Premartha & Svarup (Twice Born: Childhood Deconditioning)
10 Dwari (Born to be a Buddha- Birth Integration)
11 Svagito (The Roots of Love – Family Constellation)
12 Krishnanada/Amana (The Learning Love Approach)
13 Vasumati (Couple Therapy)
14 Devapath (Diamond Breath – the Breath of the Buddhas)
15 Turiya (Sexual Deconditioning & Tantra)
16 Rafia (Inner Man, Inner Woman)
17 Sagarpriya (Masculine/Feminine)
18 Premananda/Prabodhi (Hypnosis)
19 Meera (Art Therapy)
20 Amiyo (Sacred Dances)
21 Ganga (Satori)

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