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woman in sari

My own vision is that the coming age will be the age of the woman. Man has tried for five thousand years and has failed. Now a chance has to be given to the woman. Now she should be given all the reins of power. She should be given an opportunity to allow her feminine energies to function.

Man has utterly failed. In three thousand years, five thousand wars — this is man’s record. Man has simply butchered, killed, murdered; he has lived as if only for war. There are a few days in between two wars which we call days of peace. They are not days of peace; they are only days of preparing for the new war. Yes, a few years are needed to prepare… and again the war, again we go on killing each other. It is enough!

Man has been given enough chances.

Now feminine energies have to be released.

Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 7, Ch 9

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