Sannyas Initiation


Rare video of Osho giving sannyas in darshan.

This video which was on YouTube might have been taken down for copyright reasons.

Osho Darshan Feat

This is your new name: Swami Amito. Amito means the infinite one.

Man appears very finite, very small, just like a dewdrop, but he contains all the oceans in him, he contains all the skies in him. If you look from the outside he is very small, tiny, just dust, nothing much: dust unto dust. But if you look from his inside, from his center he is the whole universe.

That’s the difference between science and religion: science looks at man from the outside and finds nothing spiritual, nothing divine, just physiology, chemistry, biology — another kind of animal. Hence scientists go on studying animals to understand man. Animals are more simple, easily manipulatable, so they go on researching on rats, and whatsoever they conclude, they go on insisting that this is the case with humanity too. It is a little more complex of course, but basically it’s the same.

Science has reduced man to rats. And man can only be understood not by studying rats or dogs… Pavlov used to study dogs to understand man and Skinner goes on studying rats to understand man. Man can be understood only by understanding Buddhas, Christs, Krishnas. Always remember that this is one of the fundamentals, you cannot understand the lower, but you can understand the lower by understanding the higher. The higher contains the lower but the lower does not contain the higher.

The only way to understand man is not from the outside, not through observation, but through meditation. One has to enter into one’s interiority, into one’s own subjectivity. Standing from there one comes to know the greatest wonder and the suprememost awe – that man is nothing but god.

The mystics in India have declared: Aham Brahmasmi – I am god. And Skinner declares: I am a rat.

Now it is for you to choose! (laughter) By becoming a sannyasin one renounces all Skinners and one chooses the people who have declared that the highest is within you. That is the meaning of Amito. It means the infinite one, the eternal one, the vast one. It is another name for god.

Osho, Dance till the Stars Come Down (unpublished)

Update 27 July 2020: link to now unavailable video deleted and title changed.

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