The Osho Book Seminar


A full day event on Saturday, December 12th 2015 at Emmastraat 7, 1211 NE Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Osho Book Seminar

To me a book is not just a book, it is a love affair.

The organiser of this unique event, Anand Nandan (Nandan Bosma) – together with Deva Mayo and Prem Mada – is a member of the Dutch Foundation ‘Vrienden van Osho’ (Friends of Osho, founded in 1988); he ensures that copies of new books by Osho (English and Hindi translations) are given to the National Library (‘Koninklijke Bibliotheek’) in The Hague. This means that thanks to him, with the Parliament Library in New Delhi and the Congress Library in Washington, the Dutch Library holds the largest collection of Osho books on the planet. Also, many documentations on the Dutch Buddhafield are stored in the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam. 

Contributions will include about how Osho’s vision can be made more accessible (Nandan Bosma), about experiences with the media (Divyam Aat de Kwant), new sources for Osho’s work (Sugit Schoenmakers) and about the significance of Osho’s books in the present digital period of time. Included in the presentations will be the ‘Books I Have Loved’.

Osho Source BookAlso attending will be Anand Neeten (Pierre Evald), the Danish researcher and author of The Osho Source Book.

There is still time to sign up at – some space still available.

Official language spoken will be Dutch.

Available are:

  • Coffee, tea and lunch
  • Osho Publications with Osho’s latest books (Dutch and English)
  • A presentation of Osho’s oldest books *)
  • Place for talk and discussion with each other
  • Participants will receive a free copy of the book ‘Hoe Osho in Mijn Leven Kwam.’ (237 pages) (‘How Osho Came into My Life’)

Hoe Osho in mijn leven kwam

*) In answer to a question by a disciple, Osho says:

You are asking me, that I have said that my old books are not important…. You want to divide me in two parts – my old books, and my present message to you – so that you can choose. I will not allow you such a convenient way.

My old books are immensely important. Unless you understand them, you will not be able to understand me. But remember, it is a constant flow and change, so don’t be bothered with inconsistencies, contradictions.

If you go on, soon you will be able to find the truth. And once the truth is revealed, all contradictions and inconsistencies dissolve. Then you can see, crystal-clear, that it is a single message from the roots to the flower. It is a single organism.

Osho, From the False to the Truth, Ch 11, Q 2 (excerpt)

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