Why seek at all for a purpose?

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (74)


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Why seek at all for a purpose?
If you seek this you will never find it
because it is eternally hidden in the seeker.

Osho 10

Life is without purpose – life is its own purpose,
therefore he who lives without purpose truly lives.
Live! Isn’t living itself enough?

The desire to have more than just life is a result of
not properly living – and that is why the fear of death
grips the human mind, for what is death to one
who is really alive!
Where living is intense and total
there is no time to fear death –
and there is no time for death, either.

Do not think in the language of purpose
that language is diseased in itself.
The sky exists without purpose.

God is without purpose,
flowers bloom without purpose,
and stars shine without purpose –
what has happened to poor man
that he cannot live without purpose!

Because man can think he gets into trouble.
A little thinking always leads to trouble.
If you must think, think completely, utterly!
Then the mind whirls so fast with thoughts
that freedom from thoughts is attained.
Then you begin to live.

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